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Monday, May 23, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

hallo this is habib. i so sorry i no speak japanese. but if you speak hindi mebbee i hep yu!

foneco zuzu

I'm glad i see my country nr there:)

Arcadia Codesmith

It's very touching that they want to help us keep the money flowing from our pockets into theirs.

Ravishal Bentham

Wow, it took them 8 years to implement this. Better late then never I suppose. Hopefully it will stop the unnecessary pain and suffering us customers face.

Dolly Ewing

Great if it actually worked. I have tried continually to get through today and just get cut off with the message "Call ended. Thank you for your call." I am trying to update payment details - my account has been suspended and I cannot pay them since Second Life upgraded their International payments system and have been experiencing 'glitches'. Finally managed to speak with someone on chat who advised me that I now have to wait 48 hours to be put back on the old system before I can try paying them again, during which time I have no access to my account. I'm not a fan of the public rant myself, but feel so frustrated I'm making an exception!

Hermes Designer Handbags

I'm interested in such offer,The sound quality in these podcasts is really poor. I feel bad about complaining about something that is free, but I think it is important.

Pammy Milneaux

Why doesn't linden labs expalin that 1 has to be a premium account holder to actuallly get through to linden labs on these numbers, thats what i was told by someone in the firestorm SL group !!!! it's misleading just to put out numbers to people who can't use them if what the group helpers told me is true .


I just hate the fact when u call u say whats going on and the first words out of there mouth is oh sorry I can't help u and if u ask for there supervisor they can't bc he says he is the supervisor that a joke this so sucks and I think it's time for some one else to buy them out to the hole they sunk into

boinkie resident

I changed my password 3 days ago and now cannot access my account, my original em cannot be accessed any longer, so the binkierotic em is my contact em now.I need to be able to use my account as all my money is tied up in the boinkie resident accont. please help me resolve the problem with being blocked before I loose everything I have worked for. I don't know if maybe I wrote down the wrong new password or if this is a second life issue,and any messages are being sent to an rm I cannot access

steve lebens

Hello any one that can buy/sell land how to besides auction/search????

Shane breen

Can you plz tell.me how i can fine a transaction in june .. im not able to look in there .. and need a receipt asp for a zooby babe thats not working ty regards ...


cant sign in to my sl avatar misszoeann


number is always unavailable when I use uk one, my accounts on hold and need to get it unheld and im a premium member


I am a premium member

mad bitch

what really sucks is being a premium member and not even allowing to get a hold of Linden labs for matters 24/7 bull shit .. what you need to do is get worker ... i am looking work work

Jenifer Stipp

is there a new german number for lindenlabs?


they ban me took my avatars and distoryed them said i have no hope of getting back in all over something my ex did and they wont slove the problem or hear me out and my avatars cost alot they distoryed all over my ex doing fraud

Jacklyn Peace

This is fine as long as you aren't trying to deal with the Corp. Legal because your accounts were hacked, monies stolen by fraud and ID theft, and you are unable to get them the FBI and police reports with the names of the people STILL in SL. Thousands of dollars and inventories on three accounts are still missing but I have no way of calling to check status.

Its sad the FBI,FTC,ATTNY GENERALS OF 2 STATES give a rip more than the people SL allowed this to happen. Yes all suspects in these crimes were met in SL. And Because LL did nothing to stop the primary suspect in 2016,he has been stalking me then got 3 others to destroy my ID in the most heinous way possible.

I've had all my bank accounts wiped out,lost everything, am living with a kind friend or would be homeless, no job because my background checks are horrible.

I've sent so many faxes etc. But no responses from Linden Labs.


I cannot log into my account and need help


I can't get my account to work ive done everything to get it back give me my account back im tired of not getting helped

Daniella Louise Bradshaw

Hello Linden Labs, people are getting sick that's there is no voice in Help Island Public, I know why you took it off because of the trolls, but we can deal with trolls, our saying is, don't feed the trolls. Help Island Public on the platform for months, please bring it back.

brian willett

help! help! pleaee myname is jennifer ane bonham i am xonstantly being greifed by a group of peopel who aaaaar some how traking me and attahing move locks onto my avi and they are script hareassing me to no end I am aaat my wits end and I aam [planing never to return to second life again, tonight I was griefed so bad that there was some female avitar that had aaaaaaaa mesh old mans body attached to her and it was like magnetized to my avatar and I couldn't get away from it at all if you look I've constantly report ed al this through out the day and I need you to help me get something done I finally decided to log out of second life so I would be detained baby longer by there people I aaaaaam going to call sl support in the morning and if I cant get some serious help I wl not be coming back to sl at all,

Karen Neeley

I can't get in contact with no one at linden labs to get my avatar back that has been stolen it was my very first Avatar and I've had it for years on end and it seems like no one gives a damn to try to help me get it back. This is not right I've spent a lot of money on that Avatar and it seems like all they care about is the money I am highly upset I'm a disabled woman stuck at home with nothing to do but get on second Life because I cannot get out and apparently they do not give a damn

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