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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

"trade-in plan" on the e-weenie. Well, there you have SL in all its glory.

Vooper Werribee

After seeing the virtual sex clip this is the first SL film I HAVE to see. Fell off my chair with laughing so much.


I'm having deja vu here...


Any new information on this, like when we can see it in the US?

Mikkel Stolt

As on of the directors/producers of the film, I can tell you that apart from a couple of screenings at Cleveland Film Festival we cant right now tell you about any other theatrical or TV showings in the US. However, we are about to make an agreement with Constellation.tv about online pay-per-view showings. Hopefully, I can keep this blog informed. Also, this May 18th. we are planning a simultaneous showing in Copenhagen + 10 other cinemas Denmark, and in SL in selected theatres. Some technical issues prevail, but maybe we can put up a SLURL here later.
Thanks a lot for the interest.

Mikkel Stolt

Here are the SLURLS for showings TONIGHT, MAY 11th 2011. Film starts at 10 AM SL Time (English subs), and Q&A at 12:40 PM SL TIME (Danish and English). Meet Mike, Helena and Danny Hillis.

Modern Venus Cinema
Majestic Cinema, Skandha
Briville Cine Club
The Majestic Cinema, Akasha


Where is this playing in Europe? Anywhere besides Denmark?


ConstellationTV is now selling tickets to the global premiere of "My Avatar and Me" via Constellation.tv/myavatar. Director Mikkel Stolt will host the first screening live on June 26, at 2pm New York Time (8pm Copenhagen). Get your ticket today!

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