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Monday, May 16, 2011


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Flashing Merlin

Aside from Péter Nagy assuming everyone who takes the survey is a student, his most glaring error is assuming people have only one avatar.

While I answered based on the avatar I use most often, my answers for any of my alts would be quite different. Why bother to have an alt, if it's not different? Therefore the results of his survey are virtually meaningless for understanding a person's relationship to his/her avatars.


He also seemed to assume that one's avatar is always the same 'person' in-world. My avatar might be human, fae, Tiny, quad, dragon, animal, or something other depending on what sim or event I'm participating in. The questions about the avatar's athletic ability make no sense in this context, and little in any other.

Nica Pennell

I also became somewhat confused by what some of the the "importance to your avatar's sense of self" questions were referring to. For example, when it asked if my ethnicity was important to my avatar's sense of self, for example, did it mean my RL self's ethnicity (not at all important) or my avatar's ethnicity (rather more important)? I decided it was mostly asking about my RL self's importance to my SL self but I could see it going either way.

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