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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


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Ron T Blechner

These are really nice looking. I think there's something compelling that virtual worlds and MMOs create such a strong connection with one's avatar that people quite often commission works of art for their avatar. (My experience from EQ and WoW was that people did these, as well.)

Side-note. Why "real" in your headline. Why not "physical" - or if the portaits are digital, why not "professional quality" or "gorgeous" or something that denotes the positive trait of the portraits without implying that avatars are fiction? After all this time in virtual worlds, do you want to imply that avatars are not "real"?


Thanks Hamlet! Hey if anyone still wants to be painted but cannot afford the price, I'm currently looking for SL avs to pose as models for rl paintings. Money is short so I gotta do what I can to make some cash!

Check here for details. Thank you :D

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