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Thursday, May 19, 2011


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Sasy Scarborough

I am tall too, and that reminded me of how many girls I knew that would wear flats because they would be 'too tall' in heels.

So they would rather look crazy in flats with a cocktail frock than finish up the look with a great pair of pumps or strappy heels.

We do often dress for others, but we should always try and wear what we enjoy wearing for others, it shouldn't be all give.

Great post.


Iris Ophelia

@Sasy Damn right! I have some favourite flats, but I love my heels in RL even more. My grandmother always thought that was novel because women didn't used to want to be taller than men, but I wouldn't trade my tallness for anything!


Wonderful post and I agree entirely. While I'm like anybody else and appreciate a compliment on whatever look or outfit I'm wearing, I wear it for myself (or maybe my SL partner since it brings me pleasure to look nice for her). Some of my choices are definitely not for others and I hear that. So what, it fits me and makes me happy. Thanks for helping to make this point to others, well done :)

'Kota Buck

I absolutely agree that sl fashion needs to be approached from a more critical and self-aware perspective than it currently is. Second Life is such a fabulous medium for artistic expression but I feel a lot of the potential is muffled by the things you've mentioned in your post.

Also, Sasy, I'm guilty of that. I have a large collection of high heels that are basically for display only because I got sick of the volatile reactions of people around me that I should dare to make myself even taller. (My favourite pair of shoes put me at about 6'6"). That said, flats can be totally dressy and appropriate with a party frock. You just have to have the right pair (And trust me, I have several).

Imnotgoing Sideways

Frigg'n spot on. =^-^=

I've always been a shortie little scrub in SL, though I kinda meh at the height issue... Unless someone refers to 8' tall as "Realistic"... (=_=)

Beyond that, I do tend to see a lot of the juvenile divas who claim their look on bought items here'n there. They're all totally laughable and often mired in some current fad or trend. =^-^=

As for me... I been doing butt-cleavage jeans for nearly 4 years. I continue to be on my mission to find the lowest jeans in SL. So far, whenever I find something, it's always bloody un-buttoned! DX ~ No un-buttons... That's cheating. Just maek'em low! =^-^=

Ann Otoole InSL

There is more to it. Somehow the competition griefing aspect was not covered. It is so sickening I don't even want to go there.

Make your own is always the most fun. Then you can simply not sell it. Nobody else will have it unless they want to become a documented criminal.

Vecky Burdam

I am just always stunned by the delusion of so many fashionistas in SL. They carry their RL desires formed by RL media (or better: formed by our society) into SL and suddenly start to identify with their AV to an almost unhealthy extent. They really believe they are now part of the glamorous RL celebrity world from 'couture creators' to 'models' to 'fashion bloggers'. Without any sense of irony they carry their "Miss Virtual Universe", "xy-Agency Top-Model", "Best Couture Designer in SL" titles above their pixel-heads and trash to pieces everything that questions their delusion.
(Which also includes all these who deliberately try to be 'unique' and different from above group and only live through their opposition against them).
The Hottest Female Avatar contest will be a HUGE drama-fest of epic dimensions. Having said that ... because we are even more delusional in SL than we are in RL, these drama-fests are the most entertaining things that happen in SL and therefor should be even sponsored by LL.
So ... bring it on !!!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Please continue back the Hottest Male Avatar Contest, Iris. Pappy Enoch is ready to launch his gridwide quest to bribe sweep his way into first place. I'm Pappy's road-manager, and he sent me this press release (edited for decency):

"Tell Miss Ofeelya, who am hotter'n a twenty-dollar pistol, that I are ready to win them gal's hearts again wif my manly looks and dumb as dirt devil-may-care wit. I reckons if'n a clown won last year, a bigger bozo kin do even better."

Connie Sec

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