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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Wow. Simply wow.

I can't wait for Dexy's Midnight Runner's island.

Lady Sakai

went to the official opening last night. Well I say I did, really it was an alt cos some persons are persona non-grata due to personal ... shall we say differences?
I went along side a friend of mine that was banned on the first day of the unofficial opening. Not because she was griefing but because she didnt want to stand in awe of the current .. well shall we say manager?.
The way the islands are managed is highly unprofessional (as I have commented on before). This leave a shadow over not only the islands in SL but also the band themselves.
For a Duranie that is sad to see.

JoJa Dhara

Indeed suprised that an community manager bans on personal issue.
Not on grieving or attacking openenly other members on the island or discrasing the brand in this case the great band DuranDuran but only because of own wrong doing and fear.

A community manager should have an elphant skin and by modest.

Personal issues should not conflict anything if you are representing a brand.
A simple appology could done wonders and for me it has been a to long wait to bother for what happens.
This only stirs things up and yeh be warned.

Love the community manager or you be banned ;-)

Anyway I know I am judgemental but with the long wait and connecting with the finest builders in Second Life I am indeed suprised it turned out this way...
Specially if you read in Second Lives from Tim Guest the thoughts the ideas that was amazing.

I do believe in the strength of a fanbased community in a virtual world. Been part of it and specially sharing the moments of concerts, music and watching the video's together.

My thought now is mainly with all the plans they had is this project still in their hands or did they just give it to some fans and let them deal with it?
Do they really know what is going on? Do they understand what we all are saying that are so well known and so much knowledge in this world?

I am asked a lot of what I think of it and I told them as its been told before. It is late, buildings now are poor and the pr around it, is poor. We might find it intresting in the beginning but will the group that handle this have the strength to continue?
Are they aware of the endless possibilities.
Or will there be only music parties as so many fans did on their own islands?
I am holding my breath on this and yeh told the network also what they could do to make it more spectacilur.
That it would not be to late to open.
We just see if they can handle the feedback and think things through but be aware you know what happend to me... ;-)


Shall go have a look myself JoJa, and hope it will not be a case of show boating yet again which virtual worlds do not need.

For such a venture to work the artists have to be an integral part of the venture as virtual worlds are not here to replace fan sites but must have true communities relevant to topic.

Will let you know my thoughts after a visit there

Rio Gander

What a great place, really love it.

I came to Second Life, when I saw Justin Bovington of Rivers Run Red on Canadian state television (CBC). I was also a DD fan I have seen them play too many times to think!

Do a Google search and it really was quite the thing back in 2006. Linden Lab and Second Life got global publicity. Even recent articles, seem to still talk about Second Life and reference Duran Duran, Adidas and American Apparel.

This is a story in itself, I hope we see more things like this. I really like the design, even if it's from 2006!

Well done Duran Duran for finally opening. Also well done the fan or fans who got this finally opening.

I also think, the fans complaining here on the forums, need to stop it. Just go and say sorry and make up with Chrissy. Life is too short, even Second Life.


Senban Babii

"I can't wait for Dexy's Midnight Runner's island."

To be followed by Adam And The Ants Nude Beach.

Ann Otoole InSL

I tried to go but the sim is set to 40 thus was constantly full. But then ever since homesteads were rolled out even full sims croak over 20. Imagine how much tickets would cost to see a big name act when the audience could only be around 30 people. LL really needs to get things back the way they were in 2007 when we could have 100 in a sim and still have fun.

JoJa Dhara

@rio gander do have in mind that it is not me to say sorry. In that case I done nothing wrong...I wish only the best but want to point out as communiy manager personal issue should not be a motive to ban people. You can not like everyone but you are presenting a brand in this case a wonderfull band.

As a fan, as a costumer I do not have to be friends with the community manager and make up so to say. Only expect some proffesional behaviour be the bridge between the client and the community. Simple as that.

@Ann toole as manager of a sim or owner you can put the prims up and presence of more people still I think? Works with of a sim that I own and is also a sever from that time....

Lady Sakai

@rio gander. As JoJa I have nothing to appologise for. Maybe for being stupid enough to trust someone I thought were a friend. Upuntill the day the rumours of her slandering my name came to my attention. Even after that she kept comming to my sim and was welcomed each and every time (thou I would never trust her again) Despite the goings on between us I have never once banned her. Despite her threatning me and spreading lies about me and my friends not once did I ban her.
One person stands up to her and she hits the ban hammer. That is unprofessional and an extreamly poor way to manage a big brand like Duran Duran are.
You choose to trust her? So be it, that is your funeral. Me? Id sooner trust a case filled with rattlesnakes.
See fact is that JoJa and I isnt the only ones that has had run ins with this person. Joja and I are just standing up and voicing it. Not just because of ourselves but also because we do care what happens to the bands name and reputation within Second Life.

@Senban; If I cant have a live nude Adam Ant Ill grab a pixel one ;)(oh I couldnt resist lol)

JoJa Dhara

naked ants? can they be naked? think if they peal their skin of .nothing is left ;-)

Ann Otoole InSL

@JoJa yes you can raise the avatar limit. But over 20 avatars kills a full sim ever since homesteads were rolled out with the 20 avatar limit. LL needs to fix this so homesteads are homesteads and full sims are back to full sims and are not really homesteads with more prims. We need to get back to why SL became popular and that is lots of people having fun together at events. Not lots of people spread out over a vast area.

JoJa Dhara

@ann otoole wasn't aware of that..hmm but has it not to do that maybe DuranDuran sims are on an old server? must say with only a few it is laggy..
But indeed should be money worthwhile as we all pay a lot for the full sims.

BTW my alt was just dancing around and got the music on. Was writing mails and looked from time to time and got also banned now.
So got the experience of a newbee on the new islands which looks great and my alt is now hardly moving on the islands before get banned again for no reason!
Believe as fan are allowed to watch and to listen to the music of DuranDuran allso in Second Life...
Listening to the music and on an other screen taking care of her Meeroo ;)

Argus Collingwood

It appears that at least Tlon is a fluu region Mainland server Class 732 http://gridsurvey.com/display.php?id=10267

My visits have been very fun. Hopefully the Band will make random visits to their virtual home:-)

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