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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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Actually, there is a much prettier logo, probably designed by a Linden Mole, outside the SL8B volunteer center. When I asked if I could use that in some special things I was making at the request of the event admins (they asked many of us, btw, not just me) I was eventually given permission to use the purple hat logo in question. The prettier one has no hat, just a nice big star as its focal point.

Wizard Gynoid

miso's point was that the design procurement process was something less than professional, and seems to be a pattern observed over a period of years. publicizing her experience (rather than not) should help the Linden Lab to address that issue. the fact that it resonated in the community to such an extent says loads about other people's similar experiences. hamlet, you are not going to convince me or a lot of your other readers that it is their fault for over-reacting, or that somehow we should refrain from legitimate criticism of our landlords.

soror nishi

Are you not simply compounding the issue in a feeble attempt to drag out a saga which Miso would much rather have left alone, as she stated in her post.
Implying that she has created this drama is simply the pot calling the kettle black, it is you who is feeding it.... you have added nothing to this discussion.

Bock McMillan

Excellent post, thank you!

Admittedly the Lindens make mistakes, they are only human after all, and admittedly they are not always able to respond to a problem as fast as the erratic residents of our world would wish.

Like you I believe that the overreactions among us residents more often than not lead to time and energy wasted on matters of little importance than being used to the betterment of SecondLife.

I can also wholly understand that some creative and talented people at the Lab would leave the company because of such turbulence.

We could all do better if we stopped bitching and complaining wildly all the time and instead channeled our efforts to work with and support the Lindens in improving the world we all love.

Nickola Martynov

It's the duty of every member of any community to point out any problems, unfairness and injustice that they see and work to resolve it. That is how people live together in harmony. Call it drama if you will, but that airing of grievances is what makes peace work.

What do you call societies where people aren't allowed to speak out, Hamlet?

Missy Restless

On a slight tangent, why do so many residents (mostly shop owners) state "my IM's are capped" ? What does that even mean ? Isn't it true that if you have IM's forwarded to email that you never lose one because of a "cap" ? Is stating "my IM's are capped" just a sort of pre-excuse for not responding ?

I comply with these people's request to send a notecard but find that tedious.

Candy Cerveau

I don't think that Hamlet is trying to say that residents shouldn't speak out on issues and problems within Second Life. Of course we should. But I strongly believe that the way that problems and issues are approached by some of the residents only compounds the issues and prevents more productive discussion and solutions from taking place.

We are obviously a passionate and dedicated group who love this platform. That passion needs to be tempered with respect, understanding and a serious desire to make compromises and work towards change. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it is easy to forget that those who make up Linden Lab are not some cogs in a giant faceless organization, but a group of people just like most of us who (in the majority of my experiences with Lindens) care a great deal about Second Life.

I think just starting these challenging conversations with that thought in the forefront of our minds can go a long way to constructive solutions and much less appearance of "drama".

For the short version...Treat the Lindens the way you would want to be treated if you were in their position. Calm and respectful conversation is always more productive.

Caliburn Susanto

My feeling is that people have a choice when they are having a temper tantrum or grievance and need to write it out to clarify or purge the internal aggravation (I do this often; writing things down helps clarify thoughts and their attendant emotions) -- they can either press DELete, Save to Draft, or ENTER.

When they press delete they can be done with it and move on. When they press Save to Draft they can cool off and think through the consequences of ranting and starting a so-called "shitstorm" of Tweets, counter-posts, recriminations, forum bile, and all the attendant cascade of modern online presence.

When they press Enter they are saying "me, me!" and assuming (want to or not) the responsibility for the cascade. If they do so it is either because they are thoughtless, or because they *want* it to happen.

That is the issue in my view.

Ordinal Malaprop

Yet another example of how residents are killing Second Life.

If only they'd just use Facebook, none of this would have happened.


I disagree with soror. Miso made the choice to complain in a means widely visible to the public. Therefore any public discussion that follows is simply par for the course.

We have a responsibility, when we make public statements, to consider the possible consequences of those statements. When a blog post says something as potentially upsetting as "LL stole my design", of COURSE the mob with the torches and pitchforks will follow. And they will forward and Tweet and Plurk and whatever the verb-form of Facebook posting is and next thing you know you get a--how did Saffia word it?--"cock-up" like this. And by the time someone says, "so, can we see the original design then, for comparison?" there's none to be seen.

I don't know who said it originally, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Without it, you get a virtual shouting match; and, yes, drama.

June Stormcrow

What Caliburn said. Thank you, sir, for saving me typing time.


Urm... you mean "Drama Largely Driven by Misunderstanding, Scant Evidence (As It Usually Is)" like your last post on this topic which didn't even bother to include Miso's second post?

I mean... I get that it's fun to shame people and all for stuff because, you know, yay controversy - but wouldn't it be a bit smarter to chide people for drama that you didn't help perpetuate?

Tateru Nino

We already knew it was a misunderstanding from the beginning. That was the whole core of the issue, I thought.

Vecky Burdam

Still amazed that something that is thrown together from the word clip art section can cause any kind of attention in any world.

Miso Susanowa

Can everyone please just read my posts and my comments between other comments? I sat for 15 hours typing on over a dozen blogs and my own comments section and Twitter explaining every single twist, turn and car crash that ensued.

Hamlet, I responded to you against my best judgement, and you cherry-picked my exhaustive email, which I will now publish in self-defense, to support your antagonistic view.

It is THIS PROBLEM that your posts typify; this arrogant "Linden Lab can do no wrong" stance that is the problem, not residents. There is a bad disconnect and failure on both sides.

I typed mea culpa over and over and over again, as I said in my email to you.

"but failed due to Second Life technical failure" - not accepted. First, as you say, I have the notice that messages are capped, because sometimes I work in Inworldz for a few days; this did not stop anyone from messaging me for 7 weeks. I did receive ONE notecard, from Amanda Linden, yesterday and I responded as soon as I was able with a notecard of my own giving her my email address.

Anyone looking up my profile to add me (as Courtney did) would see this message, and given a situation where I was supposed to be working on something for LL, you'd think they'd send a notecard if it was important.

My views have not changed on my distaste for your combative stance against the consumers who pay Linden Lab the money that makes them profit and your one-way view and position that it would be better if we all went away and played Facebook.

Please don't ask me for "my side of the story" again when you are going to selectively edit to support such a stance.

Terminated Account


Like every journalist, Hamlet can take bits and parts of any conversation or statement out of context and turn them around for the purposes of his point of view. It is not illegal, and fortunately the affected party has a right to correct the journalist.

Naturally, it is a wise decision of yours to have sent this further clarification.

In the future, however, it would be a good idea to keep copies of everything you send out. I do, and have been doing this for years, and never deleted anything even at a time when I was enabled by local laws to call it moot.

There is always a chance you might be contacted on that fine you paid in 1998 and be asked to pay it again.

Or, as I did, go to arbitration versus the national phone company to prove (as I did, and they were utterly amazed) that I actually paid $2,000 US in "unpaid invoices" in the previous 5 years. The credit had been magically wiped out of my account due to what they claimed to be a "program error". The phone company had first asked me to pay the "debt" and complain later and they were sure I could not prove they were wrong because they did not think I had the paper copies of their bills. Later, the general manager of the same phone company was indicted for illegal appropriation of funds.

Problems do happen, you have to be prepared to handle them, and not only because of the money involved, but to protect your image, and sometimes, your dignity as a human.

As for the incident itself, let me consider this:

1. If LL does have a graphic artists which must have been paid for providing the final art, why did it ask a resident to do the same work in the first place? It really sounds peculiar, if not dishonest.

2. Has Hamlet forgotten that Linden Lab would not EXIST without its customers? Saying that you are leaving the company because the customers do drama is like saying you are leaving a company because it earns too much money, it is childish, to say the least. And we know a lot of good staff at LL were forced to leave the company by those people who are managing it now. So, give me a break.

One last consideration regards the definition of drama. I am afraid too many people nowadays are ready to cry DRAMA when someone has his or her right violated by a corporation or a government. In my youth days, this was not called "drama" but "fighting against the establishment". And the state of California led the way in that. It is about time people started to fight against the establishment again, especially when they finance it.

Arahan Claveau

All this "drama" over a crappy logo, seriously? What a waste of time and effort, shame on everyone (including me now) who wasted words on this.

Arcadia Codesmith

Fact: in any virtual world community, the people that the designers are going to hear from most often and most vocally are those who are angry about something. Deal with it or get out. This is not an industry for the thin-skinned.

The biggest possible mistake a developer can make is to choke off all feedback in response to the outright trolls. You have to ferret out the legitimate grievances and address them honestly and openly, or you don't stand a chance.

That task is complicated by the second most vocal group; the fanbois. These are users who are convinced that the status quo of the world is perfect, and they will vigorously defend it against any percieved slight. At first glance, they appear to be the natural allies of the developer, but in reality they shut down constructive criticism and valid complaints just as enthusiastically as they attack outright trolling.

Put the trolls and fanbois in noise-cancel mode, and maybe you can hear what the bulk of the player base has to say.

And in this case, I think it's clear; do what it takes to square things with Miso, then clarify and improve the process for player-created content to be submitted and considered for official use.

Hamlet Au

"you cherry-picked my exhaustive email"

Yes, Miso, it was exhaustive -- 1798 words, to be exact. Of course I had to select what were in my judgement the key points from it. If you feel I've misrepresented you, please highlight some key points here and I'll post an update. But again, I do recommend you be as concise as possible, to make sure your points come across.

Ron T Blechner


Linden Lab's mistake wasn't that they intentionally messed with Miso. It's that once they realized there was a miscommunication, they didn't take a professional, face-saving PR tone. There was a typical, "it's not OUR fault" (implying it's the artist's fault) tone, rather than "Oops, we mis-communicated. No biggie."

Or, the bigger problem is that these miscommunications are common in Linden Lab. Left hand, meet right hand.

Ron T Blechner

Also, Hamlet, did you seriously just "TL;DNR" Miso?

Simeon Beresford

Lets see; its not the Linden's fault because their software failed to deliver their message.

Nope, sorry run that by me again.

Miss Malaprop tongue in cheek comment has a point, Facebook messaging works after all.

As Tateru pointed out, from the start this has been about the failure to communicate. telling us that its not LL's fault Because they "just failed to communicate" misses the point.

They need to learn how to communicate. It is
their failure to comunicate that is the problem.

RIchard Untermeyer

@Mr Blechner, no Hamlet didn't tl;dr Miso, he said he had to select what he thought were the salient points in her email. Or would you have preferred him to quote the whole 1798 words of it?

Miso Susanowa

No need to wonder: I posted the entire TWO emails. And I did reply long, and in many places, trying to do something Hamlet is incapable of - be grownup about my responsibility and try to calm DOWN the exact drama Hamlet appears to generate by himslef. Read the post and decide. One Last reply.

And the issue here is how Hamlet takes what he wants to slant things in his own method of drama and then accuse everyone else.

Hamlet Au

Miso, I'm more than happy to add your entire 1798 word e-mail thread as an update to this post, so people can decide for themselves if I quoted you unfairly -- is that OK with you?

Skylar Smythe

... spin... spin.

Misunderstanding. Spun into some kind of commentary about the "drama" seriously... can we adults stop using that sophmoric word yet?

The ultimate spin doctor Hamlet. I "tip my hat".

Miso - You did no wrong. Misunderstandings and disorganization happen at all companies (and I am sure it was a matter of miscommunication and not mal intent). I agree that Hamlet will use any opportunity to point out that there is something wrong with the "customers" of Linden Lab.

He does not speak for the community. I'm not sure he is even part of it anymore... really. Since he has nothing particularly constructive or positive to contribute other than egotistical finger pointing. Rather odd to position oneself on a soap box after having dissed the very same community for greener pastures many times.

Not saying that there are not green pastures elsewhere. Simply wishing he would stop attempting to speak with leadership authority for a community that marginally embraces him and frequently labels him exploitative and capitalist rather than altruistic in his motives.


Arcadian Vanalten

Never try to convince a drama queen that she's being overdramatic. She is, but she'll never have the insight to see it. Just blow it off and move on.

Ron T Blechner

@Richard - Hamlet reads blogs and press releases and comments on them all the time, where the content is longer than 1798 words. This blog entry, for example, is 805. Gwyneth writes 5 and 6 page blog entries that are highly technical and not easy reads, and I've seen Hamlet read and quote from her before. Does the content being in an email make it any different? Miso is not a writer; Hamlet is.

I think Miso has a point that his "salient" points were ones specifically toward one perspective, and not showing a balanced side of things. Lots of us Metaverse Developers that have dealt with Linden Lab know they have a chronic history of bad communication. That fact seems to have been omitted from context in Hamlet's article, as was the efforts Miso put out there. Hamlet is a personal friend of current and former Lindens, including Philip Rosedale; he has accepted advertising money from developers and virtual worlds; hence, I think this sort of examination of bias and holding him up to a high level of scrutiny is appropriate.

So, yeah, I get the strong impression Hamlet skimmed her e-mail. TL;DNR.

Bock McMillan

LOL So we started to play "shoot the messenger" now?

Alberik Rotaru

"Shoot the customer" is much better, yeah?


Miso had a communication problem with LL, speaking of it on her blog draw attention of LL, and LL answered Miso's question.
And now, Hamlet, you are jumping on the bandwagon with your "LL hater's" theory.
It has pissed lot's of old follower (like me) before, to see you telling us "if you complain you are SL haters". Most of us complain because we care. We were still there in SL when you've gone to Blue Mars, and when you came back,you were not as much in touch with SL as before, I think.
You think we should complain less and be more positive ? Do it too, try not to attribute our complaints to "hating", go inworld and try to do things in it, connect to friends to see them have problems they can not solve because SL seems to have no communication canals for residents.
We do not all have your ressources to contact LL Hamlet, we are not all real world journalist who worked for SL and know some Lindens. We are just residents, and having LL answer when you have problem is a lottery with lot's of losers. Miso used her blog to try communicate, why not ?
There will lot's of comment to support her, because we relate to her: she had problems with SL, and had to try hard to have some answers.


You say 'community-wide drama', but I put the question to a group chat of over 400 people and no-one knew anything about it. So, I dunno.

Ener Hax

Miso's name is listed on the wiki page (under Juliann or whoever)

i don't know what to think on this - i walked away from SL because of LL's lack of respect for others . . .

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