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Monday, June 06, 2011


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John Lopez

My favorite thing about SL has been the creative art community that sprang up to exploit the new medium.

From something as simple as being able to place traditional paintings in the context of a 3D gallery up to amazing works such as the long gone Virtual Starry Night, it was a big part of my reason for logging in.

Perhaps this is an attempt to shore that community up in the face of massive shutdowns of art gallery sims. It has some promise in that the biggest reason I spend so little time in a gallery over time is that most galleries becomes static instead of rotating their displays with new artists and works (although my favorite galleries avoid that trap enough that I still drop by once a week).

Stone Semyorka

This is great! I take it as a sign that Linden Lab wants to reverse the flow of bad news about esthetically-attractive sims disappearing and keep some places under LL control where new residents can go for cultural expression and consumption. Devoting nine sims is a great investment in SL resident life. I hope LL will consider similar pubic installations to preserve and expand other popular culture forms in Second Life.

Kelindra Talamasca

At last someplace for my art that doesn't fit other places, its worth a look at least. I do not have much but I like creations to be seen

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