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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


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Arcadia Codesmith

Minecraft was fun for a few weeks, but the best thing about it was that it led me to a previous project that Notch worked on, a crude, indie MMO called Wurm Online.

Wurm is utterly unlike anything I've played since Ultima Online. In many respects, it's like UO 3D. It could use a ton and a half of work by animators and artists to bring the character and creature models up to par, and they really need character customization so we don't all look like Robin Hood's surly cousin, but the core systems scratch my itch for an MMO challenge that plays to my affinity for crafting.

It's not for everybody. But it doesn't need to be... rather like some other virtual worlds I could think of.


Saves Moar Kittehs!!! (well, except wildcats and mountain lions. There's a pelt shortage).

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