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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


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Nalates Urriah

Good review of the skins.

I agree with your thoughts on branding the makeup.


hi Iris! I have a question about the body co tattoo makeup layer. How is it possible that their logo only shows up when you are wearing another skin brand, and not their own?

Arya Markova

I'm guessing that the logo blends in perfectly with their tone of skin but would appear with anything that is lighter or darker. Most likely in photoshop they added a layer that just masked out the rest of the skin layer except for where the letters are (if that makes any sense.)


Ah ok! Thanks for the heads-up! That's so annoying.

Arya Markova

Annoyingly, this probably means that you can't even wear your Body Co. Lavender makeup even with *other Body Co. skins.* That's a bad buy.


Skins should be always a mix of realism and painting. Saw too much "real" skins which look like a dead corps in the end... urgs..

And the shadow under the nose of Lavender and Hunter looks like the beard of a not nice historical person. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK... sometimes less is more.

Shug Maitland

They have a confusing marketing method. After waiting seemingly forever for the store to fully rez, I did not find anything for sale represented as a skin!

Arya Markova

Oh, that nose shadow is baked into the skin? That's a really odd choice, especially since more and more people (especially photographers) have dynamic shadows turned on.

L$500 for a single makeup that you can only wear with one skin is ridiculous. There are many more makeups on the market that are flexible, well done and cheap. And frankly, a smoky eye is hardly groundbreaking. This kind of pricing is ludicrous.

Iris Ophelia

Arya's got it, and since the skin around the eyes and lips is SO DARK compared to the forehead and chin, I can't imagine ever finding a passable match for Lavender's makeups even in their other skins.

@Suzan I tend to agree with you, I'm not often a fan of purely photorealistic skins, they don't have enough "life" on an SL avatar.

@Shug Their layout is a direct homage to Bath and Body Works, I think, everything is sold in bottles and such.

@Arya Very true. I noticed that in Empty Inkpen's picture, she actually lightened/removed that under-nose shadow.


ok lets get real here, i know this is SL but $500L equates to a little over $2 RL
$1500L for the skin is about $6 RL
Hardly 'Ludicrous pricing'
In fact pretty darn cheap for something that probably took someone months to make.

Herein lies the problem with the way SL is going.
Im pretty sure the Body.co skins are original, none template skins as they're vastly different from any other skin i've seen in SL and look very professionally done.

And since they aren't made from templates, this means they take much much longer to make - but at least theyre original.

The problems with so many skin 'designers' using templates and selling the skins so cheaply (or giving them away in hunts, lucky boards, promos etc) is that it has a massive impact on people that draw/create skins from scratch. People have gotten used to paying from 1000L-500L-0L per skin and 50-100L per makeup (about 30 cents)

Anything more is often seen as 'ripping off' the customers when actually months and months work can go into making something that sells for about the same price as a half decent greeting card.

Go back a few years and skins were typically 3-5k
(chip midnight/namssor - neither of these incredible artists are still using SL btw)
now we're in 2011 and the average price is well under 1k. Whilst great for consumers in SL this 'De-flation' of prices really hurts original content creators, which is why so many are leaving SL.
I blame the prefabricated SL culture we find ourselves in now. Prefab sculpts, pre-baked textures, skin templates, makeup templates...
Regurgitated cheap content rules!!

This is all well and good but when it no longer becomes worthwhile for people to create original content then SL will surely become a very stale place.

I've read so many times on various fashion blogs about how certain 'new' skins suit the persons avatar right off the bat,
'I love this new skin from XXX it still looks like me!'
well thats probably because the 'creator' used the exact same template as the last designers skin they wore.
Anything original looks wierd in comparison on the shape they bought.
Also this is the reason a lot of 'new releases' look pretty much identical to old releases.
'Heres my new skin Eva! which replaces Ava, Beaver, Ceeva and Diva...you get slightly different eyebrows and a brand new name!'

And about the makeup, not so long ago an extra makeup option would have cost the same price as the full skin, as it would have been another full skin (which is less work than a makeup layer btw)
This actually subsidised the price of the original skin with people buying a few options of the same skin (much the same way hair designers make a living selling the same hair in different shades)
But with the arrival of makeup layers i think most skin creators are having a hard time finding a model that keeps it worth thier while to continue creating (original) skins.

So, in conclusion if the creator of this skin and makeup deems $500L a fair price for the work they put into creating the skin/makeup you really shouldn't judge them so harshly but rather if you like the original skin, then support them/help keep them creating in SL buy splashing out an extra $2 if you can afford it and buying a makeup option too.

Help keep content original.

Antonio Eternal

First, Body Co. skins are designed by Mars Absent, AKA The Abyss. Proof? Go to Armidi, enter in the store facing you at the landing point. Pick the Hunter demo. Inspect the eyebrow shaper. Who is the creator? That is the same exact shaper used in all The Abyss male skins, to minimize the 'jaw glitch'. The head shape (never liked that style) and the way to mark the demo (overlaying the lines of the defaut template is the same too. Don't get me wrong, he is a skilled designer, but Body Co. skins are recycled material. In example - Get a Dave Gears Demo at The Abyss. Zoom the body carefully, explecially the back and the pectorals (you'll notice a suble skintone and highlight and shadows too). Now get on a demo among the new male kinda Hunter or Blaze - same body shades, more contrast, more saturation, some 'oiled effect' random brushes on the abs. And here we go for the new Miami style! Chocolata skin? try the demo of the black girl skin at the Abyss, and compare the two bodies. ;) Oh I forgot. Same pricing too! Over this, what I don't like? The overshadowing, overbrownish and overyellowish areas, and resizing at 512px used to improve the crispness. You don't need that if you resize from an highresolution source file. Oh... OMG I have seen one with FULL black painted between the legs'area! I don't want imagine how that will look on some poses ;)

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