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Monday, June 06, 2011


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Unless you subscribe to the magazine (or can bum one off a neighbor--lucky me) you'll only get a taste of the review.

Still, glad to see The New Yorker cover SL. Cain't hurt none. NYC has been full of obsessed cultural creatives for a long time, inventing their own realities. Warhol left Pittsburgh for The Big Apple, after all.

Should not be a stretch for the magazine to get what is most interesting about SL. They get Facebook, too, as Sherman Alexie's recent "The Facebook Sonnet," published in the May 16 issue, attests:

Welcome to the endless high-school
Reunion. Welcome to past friends
And lovers, however kind or cruel.
Let’s undervalue and unmend

The present. Why can’t we pretend
Every stage of life is the same?
Let’s exhume, resume, and extend
Childhood. Let’s play all the games

That occupy the young. Let fame
And shame intertwine. Let one’s search
For God become public domain.
Let church.com become our church

Let’s sign up, sign in, and confess
Here at the altar of loneliness.

Arcadia Codesmith

While I've not been a big fan of The New Yorker (too far removed from my cultural context to be relevant), I must say that I love that poem :)

Hitomi Tiponi

Good find - hopefully Second Life will get more coverage in the 'creative' rather than 'sensationalist' media.

Stone Semyorka

Now that it's more than a year later, how can we see the full documentary?

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