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Monday, June 27, 2011


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Ana has a lovely smile.
/me waves to Andrew.

Jakben Blog

Great Job. I also wish to have a business like that in the first place.


It's good to see Phillip still has great visions!

Valentina Kendal

You wore a skintight body stocking Hamlet? We want to see the pictures!

Jupiter Firelyte

I love this idea. I work from home and as great as it is, sometimes I really want to get out, but Starbucks doesn't quite cut it. An environment like this sounds great. I'd love to see this expand.

Nathaniel Flores

Cool idea but sounds like it depends on the patronage of an already existing business to grant the space. As I read it, it's free use, free coffee, free wireless... I don't see any profitability for offering the service, standalone. Nice that Philip can offer it, but doesn't seem like a viable business to expand on/from.

I have seen a few 'rent-an-office' services pop up recently that might be similar. Would be interesting to see how this works out.

Chenin Anabuki

I would definitely use this space next time I'm in the city. It is surprising that it is offered free. Not sure if that is sustainable because it can get really crowded when the huddled masses of office-less freelance workers find out about it. I remember this co-working site in Silverlake that was charging $200 memberships per month (Meet, Mix, Mogul). But, it was not successful and had to close down after a year.

Andrew Meadows

(Hi @Osprey.)

Coffee + Power are hoping to turn their office space into a free or low-cost hangout for people who are trying to network (find work or find workers) through the C+P transaction system.

I've seen some other shared workspaces in and around the city. Most are only successful when they have desks rented out to regulars for $200 - $400 per month. Some allow drop-ins by non-memebers and usually ask for a donation. I once had a friend visiting San Francisco with his family who was working part-time while everybody else was vacationing full-time. We decided to work together at a shared office space that allowed drop-ins and we each donated $20 for the privilege.

makati office space

I agree, while remote workers will certainly love this service, I don't see how the setup will be profitable for the business owner. Starbucks recently imposed actions that discouraged the said "behavior" in their customers.

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