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Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Ilsa Hesse

the Beanstalk - the first build in Second Life not made by a Linden. made by Steller Sunshine, Second Life's first resident. I know I am a "softie" but honestly, it makes tears well in my eyes, what it represents. It is Second Life's Mecca.

Zale - Pavl Duke's shop. about a sim and a half of "wow, that is strange?!?"

the Far Away - or pretty much anything made by AM Radio

Plot Tracer

See a 12 hour concert in SL - 12 hours of music at SL Left Unity in aid of RAWA.org Saturday 19th July from 10am PDT.


(Also - essential on a SL bucket list is to be part of a virtual protest! So join SL Left Unity group for details!!)



Hamlet's Mom.

Samlowry hawks

For your information " the lost gardens of Apollo", one of the oldest sim on SL Will officially disappear on 26 th June . Thanks a lot to all people who appreciated this place sincè so many Time. For any question or support please contact me at [email protected]
See yôu soon InWorld for my next machinima this month

Melissa Yeuxdoux

This is sort of backwards. The "bucket list" is a list of things to do before *you* kick the bucket, not a list of places to go before *they* kick the bucket. It's sad that the number of such places is increasing.

That said... do visit the Minoan Empire, due to shut down July 6th. http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Minoan%20Empire/53/41/401/

Jo yardley

The Kubrick rooms
Vintage village
the 1920s Berlin project ;)

(not that these are going anywhere soon)

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