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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Mauritius and Reunion Islands. They do have DSL and cable there.

Squeebee Wakawaka

That's a secret lab where people are jacked directly into SL to see what it does to their brains.

Nyoko Salome

oh noozz mah secret spy undersea lair has been found out!! ;0

Hamlet Au

"Mauritius and Reunion Islands"

How now, braunpau? Those dots were displayed in the middle of sea near no islands I can see. See?

Suella Ember

Well, it's hard to see without being next to that globe, and perhaps Mauritius and Reunion Islands aren't displayed on that globe.

Those blue dots though are pretty much exactly where Mauritius and Reunion Islands are - check a map :D

As to why there are so many logons from Mauritius and Reunion Islands? Your guess is as good as mine! I'm guessing the display would be based on something like IP address, so I suppose it's possible that Madagascar and maybe even parts of Africa might have IPs registered there? I'm completely guessing though!

Deep Semaphore

Darn it, I have relatives in Maurtius who access Second Life.

Ann Otoole InSL

Shhhh It is SLatlantis.


There are several cities and towns on each of the Mauritius and Reunion Islands. Beautiful sandy beaches, deluxe hotels, the usual things you might find at a vacation destination. Why not SL users among the local populations and even visitors. They are not just empty islands in the middle of nowhere.

Ramesh Ramloll

yes there is Mauritius and Reunion, and Rodrigues and many other small islands over there ... Mauritius is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. I am a Mauritian, and I have accessed SL since 2005 when I go over there on holidays.

Savoree LeDesir

Proxy server.

Pete Linden

SL is amazingly international, and thanks to a colleague, I've got a bit more info on this to share: at a given time, there are more than 150 different countries represented inworld! The spikes on that visualization are actually drawn on a scale relative to one another, and while there may not be 'so many' logins from Mauritius, there are indeed some - as evidenced by the earlier commenter.


Good DJ and beach?
LOL, poke in the funny bone.

Tateru Nino

Some of the geolocation information that is associated with certain ranges of IP addresses are wildly wrong. Most of the IP addresses that my ISP has allocated to us have a latitude and longitude set in common geolocation databases that positions them in the ocean, off the coast of India.


That's absolutely Reunion and Mauritius. Defos. Plenty of people and infrastructure there. Also a huge French vacationer scene - kind of like the French version of the Maldives.

Nyoko Salome

;0 peruses google earth's photo galleries along there - def looks like a beautious bahamas of the indian ocean!! :)

Nyoko Salome

;0 seriously - click around some of the neighboring islands photographs too... omg that area looks - unreal; more polynesian and heaven-like than most anything pacific i've seen... i'm not a jet-setter, so i can only go on the pictures i see. but seriously... omg look around the pics of those isles in google earth - jaw-dropping!!!!!


i spoke to a girl from mauritus in the welcome area the other day she said it was hot and sunny and was a way better place to live than london were she used to live


Hi , this globe is available somewhere ?

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