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Thursday, June 30, 2011


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Wizard Gynoid

As I discovered yesterday in the production dashboard, be especially careful of what you put in your Interests:
(Callum Linden seems like he might have a problem.)
On the production side it looks like this:
Unless you limit your Interests permissions, anyone in the world can see what a perv you are in Secondlife.
Has Linden Lab taken enough precautions to protect your privacy?

Vax Sirnah

Hmmm... could be cool, once it is working (all my data - picks, friends, etc. - is old). I'd like to see a sort of blog system as well. People use their picks for that already

Arcadia Codesmith


It... it's just like chat... but it doesn't SCROLL!



Still looking, but so far I don't see a way to limit who can post what on my profile. Unless I totally misunderstand "Comments on my posts" in the Notifications section.

Ciaran Laval

I wasn't sure if this was a new project or an old abandoned project, there has been no word from Linden Lab about it, do you have any more info?

Silverfox Rainbow

Neat little Feature, but apparently Sl thinks i am still using the info that i used back in 2007 - which made me laugh :)it might just be an update of an older idea.


Nice. It needs a way to share locations and to put them on the world map for friends to see.


And LL thoughtfully provides people with yet another way of griefing.

Adeon Writer

Now that Google+ is banning SL accounts just like Facebook, this is a great and welcome addition.

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