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Thursday, June 23, 2011


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Jo yardley

We need more heroes like this in SL.
We need LL to think like this benefactor!

Graine Macbain

Great news! Now if only someone would save the Lost Gardens of Apollo, Minos and other soon to be extinct sims.

Desmond Shang

Very cool :) Hope they enjoy it.

If they want other objects 'in theme' with the look of it, I've got quite a few of the original items that were used. Just let me know via notecard inworld, I'll drop them to the benefactor or their appointed curator. They don't have Seifert's mathematical magic instilled in them though; that only happens with the Crooked House itself.

Nexii Malthus

Is the crooked house opensource? If it is, it would surely find places in many peoples' inventories so that everyone becomes a benefactor of SL history, just needs a little push in distribution.

Seifert Surface

The Crooked House isn't open source. It's a bit of a pain to set up (requring editing multiple scripts, depending on the location), and it really needs an entire sim to run around in. I've not tested what would happen if it walked over a property boundary and took up all the remaining prims on a parcel and... yeah, you get the idea. It also uses lots of textures and furniture by Desmond Shang, and he would have to release all of that as well before it could be freely available anyway.

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