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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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Emerald Wynn

Very cool - I was unaware of it. Thank you!


I strongly suspect that Linden Lab is well aware their pricing is ludicrous... but they're hanging on to it just as long as they possibly can before being forced to either drastically cut prices-- or go out of business.

That's common sense from a profit-business standpoint. But what it fails to take into consideration is that by the time they get to that point, they'll have lost so many customers and made so many enemies because of their greed... that it will be past the point of no return and they'll self-destruct anyway.

Already there are other grids that are ramping up as direct competition to SL. Inworldz has already re-written their entire LsL-compatible script engine, removing script lag from the grid (something LL has failed to do in 11 years of operation). When other grids finally incorporate physics and the bugs become fewer and fewer... Linden Lab will very likely find it impossible to compete on an even level. And by that time, there will be few that will care about their demise. Even now customer loyalty is rapidly declining. Customer trust of the company is near zero.

So chances are, the powers that be are trying to just grab as much cash as they can while they can. Imo that's not very likely to change. And I'm not going to bother telling them what the SMART move would be at this time. They haven't listened to their customers in 8 years of being online... so I've gotten to the point I've pretty much stopped talking to them. These days I just sit by and watch the train wreck... and unfortunately creative builds, homesteads and regions walk out their door... many for brighter and far less-expensive pastures.

AldoManutio Abruzzo

Like I said on his FB page:

Hey, Wagner! Guess what? You can thank the Lindens for making it so bloody difficult for those of us professionally involved to preserve this kind of content ...

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Hamlet, thank you for again pointing out the obvious to Linden Lab. They seem to need multiple reminders.

You get some grief for being too much of a LL fanboy, but I disagree. Their tiers are just too high but, sadly, that is their revenue model. Lower the tiers and...no more SL without a new revenue stream.

My university would have loved to have hosted this build...but raised tier ended our presence in SL, as it has for too many colleagues' sims.

Franklin Lubitsch

The interior demo isn't working for me, some kind of problem with the link. Don't know if it's actually the link, or me, though. The other demo works just fine. I haven't been to this build, yet, I will definitely check it out. Thanks, Hamlet.

Hamlet Au

Franklin, you mean the video demo or in SL? If the latter, you need to hit the focus button on the table in the foyer.

Rob Knop

Too bad he can't just save an OAR file that would allow him potentially to bring the build up elsewhere....

DBDigital Epsilon

While I haven't checked the build in question in detail. One possible solution is to link the build, take copies to inventory. Then create a backup file (or possibly more than one if it is too big for one object linking) using a viewer than can do this. I suspect it was all the creators original work and therefore should be straight forward.

Then it could be moved to another grid at any point in the future (open sim, etc).

Franklin Lubitsch

@Hamlet I mean the video demo on NWN.

Ann Otoole InSL

The petabyte of inventory assets is the hostage that keeps people in SL. Can't take that hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of bought clothes, shoes, hair, skins, structures, weapons, tools, and stuff with you (legally anyway). LL knows this.

Sorry to see another one leave. The business closing notices are becoming common as well.

People don't have to quit. They can just drop all their land, drop group tier donations to zero, downgrade to basic, and then only one last payment is due for the mainland tier. (If you do this then make sure you have no recurring charges showing on your dashboard summary and understand that last month's mainland use is still going to be charged.) Once you are basic and landless then all you have to lose is all your assets you can't take with you. Then if something changes and things improve then you can ramp back up if you want. Better than flouncing.

Hamlet Au

Crap, Franklin, you're right, thanks. I'm going to pull the top video until I figure out WTF.

Stephane Zugzwang

Hi Hamlet,

Couldn't it be moved to a Kitely Island, for preservation purpose? The price is way, way, way cheaper!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Ann's right: we are held hostage by choices of hair and shoes. But not forever.

@Stephanie, our group's work with Kitely shows how well OARs can move from grid to grid. Of course, SL does not let us save anything like an OAR file :(

Still, one could save linked objects and export them, then upload them to an archive at Kitely for free, while still maintaining the option for visitors to stop by.

I'll never build any edu project in SL again. The alternatives have long been cheaper, and now they work well enough for what I need.

Desmond Shang

Whatever issues there might be concerning my extremely minor input into Seifert's brilliant project, consider this a 'full approval' to not worry about my IP w/respect to the Crooked House.

I'm cool with it going to another region, getting saved or transported or whatever.

Of course, Linden Research may have restrictions on copying stuff far beyond my scope, I don't know what the great powers out there say about this kind of thing, but at least I can do my little part and say 'go for it' to any would~be curators.

* * * * *

Finally, to the time travelers that kept up with the clever teasing back in the early days of the Crooked House, yes, yes, I 'get' it now.

You were right about the whole interdimensional thing.

But even if I see the proof before me, jumping from theoretical physics aaaall the way to the practical aspect of "buying Michael Jackson memorabilia in 2006" was just... too much for me to comprehend. Ah, and I know what "apps" are now, yeah, I blew that one too.

Maybe I should finally listen and bet all I have on the Cubs as you guys suggested. What year was that happening, again?

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