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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Chenin Anabuki

i thought you've been declared persona non grata that's why your email was revoked. good to hear it's not the case.

Franklin Lubitsch

Did they give you advance warning, Hamlet, or did they treat you like the other residents?

Ann Otoole InSL

Hardening security is a good thing and email systems are usually an easy target. LL's internal email system should not be connected to the internet and their [email protected] email system should not be part of their internal network and be accessible via webmail only.

Compartmentalization is the only path to security.

Troy McConaghy

You may want to create an email address like [email protected] so that you can keep the same email address forever and use the email provider of your choice (e.g. Google Apps, Zoho mail, etc.). Then if you find you don't like your current email provider, you can change to another one.

Hamlet Au

Thanks a good idea!

They gave me a few days heads-up, Franklin.

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