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Thursday, June 23, 2011


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Scarp Godenot

Isn't decond life by definition already in the cloud?

Nalates Urriah

Linden Lab could offer a cloud based app to a new level of member. We only have Free and Pro accounts. They could offer Gold accounts that have a could based app for smart phones.

Some of the smart phone apps in use with SL now are amazing expensive.

As time passes and the cost of cloud based apps decreases cost of a Gold account could come down... naw.

John Lopez

The overloaded and overused term "cloud" in this case is referring to using remote computers to render the client and then to stream the video of that rendering to a viewer program that also allows mouse and keyboard to be fed back to the remote computer.

It is like playing a game over Remote Desktop, VNC or LogMeIn... except that it was optimized to do that so it actually works. The heavy lifting of the 3D rendering happens elsewhere, making your computer just a video playback and input source.


Here's a question I haven't found an answer for yet, which you ought to ask these techies. Which consumes more bandwidth, streaming the content SL-style or streaming the continuous video feed? This'll tell you whether there's any long-term benefit to this "cloud" idea or not - it won't be that long before mobile computing devices catch up to the sort of graphical capabilities needed to run something like SL.

Kat Lemieux

As a previous commenter noted, SL is already "cloud based". What I'm waiting for is an iPad app that is a real client -- one where I can actually see and be seen in world, not just an enhanced chat tool. Surely there are developers out there who can do a real tablet client?

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