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Thursday, July 14, 2011


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Ilsa Hesse

Honestly, if I see a personal house that I am interested in I do one of two things.
A) I cam it and look while they are not home. That whole "show look at" can be awkward! I had to explain "no, I can tel you are cammed in to my bedroom... " to a person once, so dont do it while they are around or - uh- busy...)
B) ask if you can come look at it as it looks interesting. most people that have built or bought a house have put effort in to it, and may be very willing to show it off, if you ask first.

Ciaran Laval

There's a couple of new features coming which will deal with some of these issues. You will be able to set your parcel so that people can't see you on it, they will see you on the map but unless they are on your parcel, they won't see you or any other avatars on your parcel, you also won't be able to see them, so if you have your security right, even if they cam in, they won't see you.

You will also be able to prevent people from unleashing gestures that make sounds, they simply won't play.

The Hidden avatars feature can be witnessed now if you have a couple of avatars to login to the beta grid, head off to oatmeal 6 where Maestro has setup some test parcels.

Pussycat Catnap

Its never good to have your home and shop in the same sim. And its not just about people wandering over to bug you.

If you want to be left alone, letting them see your green dot is unwise.

But similarly, a lot of people, self included; get really edgy when the shopkeep is lingering around.

In RL I've spent 4 decades getting ethnicly profiled as a criminal while sitting there and watching whites shoplift and be ignored - so I get very edgy anytime store employees come up to me. I've been handcuffed enough times to make this very personal. Once had a friend tell me flat out that 'minorites like' (me) tended to steal more - until he put in those anti-theft tags and a month later, had only ever caught Asians and Whites with it... not one Black, Latin, or mixed.

Unfortunately edginess like that can carry over into a virtual world... so if I see the shop owner around, I tend to shorten my trip. If they start bugging me, I sometimes DC myself or TP out, or make an excuse to leave.

Many people also feel this way just from not wanting to be bothered while they decide. And if the shopowner is there, it puts up pressure to buy now - which can result in not buying at all.

So... my suggestion to any shop keep wanting privacy, get another 512 of land somewhere else.

foneco zuzu

Nothing like a homestead, if you have a loved one with you that makes wonders with 3750 prims:)
Surf, hangglider, parachutes, bikes, jetskis, dancing anywhere, more then 200 birds and fishes around, 8 skyboxes, 2 1 nascar track, 2 bike tracks, 2 trains, several theme skyboxes, well enought to say those 3750 prims are well used:)


I had one time where I was trying to get a message out of a subscribo (SL ate it) and ended up teleporting to the "this gave you stuff" link, and it was in a creator's house. I was really embarrassed by it and left as soon as I could, but an additional recommendation I'd give store owners is don't put message-sending things in your private areas!


@ Foneco: All good for you, but some people (if not most) don't have the resources to own, rent or buy an entire sim for themselves (homestead or full). So yeah, I know all too well how it feels to be bothered by neighbours and their ugly and laggy builds sometimes.

For anyone I'd suggest the following: find a community sim, maybe one where the house/layout is already decided. People there are usually much more reasonable, and in a lot of cases you don't even need banlines.

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