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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Jo yardley

As someone from Amsterdam I am disappointing and upset that only the adult and drug side of this city has found its way into SL.
If I had the funds I'd love to build a nice old canal with a few houses without all the prostitution and drugs.
Just a nice place to sit and enjoy the rich history and atmosphere of the area.
Living in that city I am rarely confronted with that side of life here.
A saying among the people of Amsterdam is; "Prostitution? Drugs? Never heard of it. Isn't that something for the tourists?".

Mind you, if you want to see a much nicer side of the Netherlands, visit Delft.

Jo yardley

A sim called !Amsterdam also has a less adult area and you may want to visit a place called !New Zaandijk.
You probably found them both already, but just in case.

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