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Friday, July 22, 2011


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I understand the desire for anonymity on something SL or in an MMORPG but the thing that is winning me over on Google+ is that I don't have bots or fakes poking or adding me to their circles. I want to see real people that I interact with in the real world on there as an extension of the real world. I like what they are doing by making brands wait and make a way to denote them as such. I read this site quite regularly and love the SL info I get from it but really feel lately that it has become a soap box to shout about Google+ needing pseudonyms and its getting old.


Ho sorry for bothering you Jeremy... but by the way, isn't not giving your full name your way to stay pseudonymous ? By giving my "pseudonymous" name and linking to my blog I give a lot more about me that you give about your "real you"...isn't it ?

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