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Friday, July 08, 2011


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Make no mistake about this: If Linden Lab had the leadership vision and software business savvy, from both the board members and internal top management, to spend the financial resources over the next decade that would be required to turn Second Life into what we all know it has the potential to become, then furry sex and vampires would become such a minute percentage of “residents” that they would never be mentioned again. Those of us who have spent a great amount of time and money in Second Life all know that this virtual world platform has an unbelievable potential to change the dynamics of internet use. Perhaps in a hypothetical near perfect implementation of Second Life, it has far greater potential than all social network web applications combined. But finding the right visionaries, to be on the right team, with the commitment, and the money to invest in what it takes for Linden Lab to get there, is something that may never happen

AldoManutio Abruzzo

Maybe LL should have listened more closely to what Lanier had to say ... he is still one of the early visionaries when it comes to virtual environments and unlike some (many?) is capable of changing his mind about things as they develop.

Adeon Writer

The Vampires provide us with an excellent service:

They let us know if a report or opinion of SL was based on someone's experience who most likely did not bother to even leave the Welcome Area the rezzed in on.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

New York mavens live in their own virtual world. If it's beyond the Hudson, it might as well be on another planet.

While I do love the city, one has to take whatever anyone in the gravitational field of The New Yorker with a great deal of salt.

So I'd take Kahn's opinion for what its worth: not worth a subway token. SL has its issues, but only those in world really can pinpoint them.

Hamlet Au

Hmm, actually looks like Kahn is at UC Berkeley and previously wrote for Wired:


Harper Beresford

Ignatius, just because The New Yorker has the name "The New Yorker" doesn't mean it is read by only New Yorkers. It's a national magazine, owned by Conde Nast (owners of among others, Vanity Fair and oh yeah.. Wired). Spurning those who live in its namesake town is a stupid reason to blow off the article.


Lanier cashed out on "code" patents, not creative works of art... as an artist he like most in SL or Spore ..never made a "real" dime, as compared to the companies that own the "platforms" to be scraped. His mentioned "wins" for the "ideal internet" are just as unbalanced as any crop farmer system.


According to Lanier's recent book, I can see how he would he would deem SL close to the perfect internet.

Simply because he values freedom of expression, individualism and the ability to deny information aggregation of people. All of this Second Life still has. How long that will be the case is anyone's guess.

As far as the New Yorker article, well the writer does have a point that SL is filled with counter-culture people. But remember, this writer lives in the world of Facebook. So she wouldn't understand the freedom that SL offers. Most of us in SL are cyber-hippies.

Scylla Rhiadra

An even better indication of a writer who is not really very familiar with SL is that she thinks that furries and vampires are the "worst" that this virtual world has on offer.

Ms. Kahn should give me a ring: I'd be happy to give her a few LMs and direct her to groups that would probably have her head exploding.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

@Harper, irony is, I'm a regular reader of The New Yorker. I'll be sure to read Kahn's article soon.

And I don't spurn NYC, its pizzas, The Strand, its museums...I love visiting. After San Fransisco, it's my favorite American city.

Aliasi Stonebender

For that matter, I'd like to know exactly what's so bad about the vampires and the furries.

There's an old cartoon involving two furries talking about the rep of furries being perverts; the second one says something along the lines "No, I think everyone's a pervert. It's just we're willing to *admit it*."

All the stuff people poo-poo SL over? I think that's actually for the good. People are *admitting it*.

Pussycat Catnap

You can pretty much tell how much someone has actually looked at SL before they judge it by the way they refer to furries and vampires. If the references relate to furry-sex and bloodlines extortion - the person has likely had nearly no contact with furries or vampires in SL.

But unfortunately truth has no value when compared against rampant unfounded bias. Bias and paranoia always trump truth.

pixels sideways

Jennifer Kahn wrote for Wired? What was her area of expertise? The table of contents?

Kahn's take on SL is totally misleading. There are academic institutuions who use SL and there are considerably more art galleries, art sims like UWA, Odyssey, Pirats, Caerleon, etc. and creative simulations of immersive installation works like Bryn Oh's or Glyph Graves' or AM Radio's or Artistide Despres' recent work, "Alea-Fukushima" than there are Vampire cult groups and RP sims and furry orgies.

Someone needs to give this "journalist" a proper tour of Second Life. Then afterward, accidentally cage her in some Gorean community in Zindra. :-)

Timberland Boots

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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