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Thursday, July 14, 2011


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Troy McConaghy

Leo Laporte put the same image as his profile photo. I think it's a meme.

I think people will end up using Facebook and Google+ for different things. I'll probably use Facebook for following relatives and old schoolmates, and Google+ for following groups ("circles") of people I don't know as well. For example, I have a "tech reporters" circle and a "photographers" circle.

Adeon Writer

Adeon Writer originally posted:
"Xanga, Friendster, Myspace... Facebook will go the way of the dodo too, once whatever new 'hip' website takes away it's crown."

Adeon Writer originally posted:
"SecondLife was around since before Facebook, and it will also outlive it."


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That's right: According to his profile pic, he's quit Facebook for Google+. I haven't asked him why he did so, but I can imagine why he would: Inundation with Facebook friend requests, and the growing feeling that he can better talk and share about Minecraft updates on Plus.

Eric Fields

That's some really great news to hear.

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Michlet Trivoli

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