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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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eddi haskell

I tried it. It works but, it took forever to load at our beach house but would work much much faster with no sculpties and complicated textures. It is by no means even a facsimile of the Second Life viewer running at low settings. However, I can see it having value as an extension of Second Life and other worlds in a very planar low texture environment as a way of communication with someone or perhaps having a browser-based general meeting.

I still am doubtful of the workings of Second Life in a browser-based environment in current environmental settings, although the browser=based beta test was interesting. Second Life will remain a large-client downloadable "game" for those of us who like realistic graphics in reliable environments for quite some time.

Chris Collins

Hi eddi,

You are referring to our other Unity3d product the web viewer (that connects direct to OpenSim SL). This is a new product that takes all the content and converts to COLLADA to run direct in Unity3d. You should check out this link : http://www.tipodean.com/converter/web-demo.html . We have a few examples of what you could do with the content. Single Player, Multiplayer, Embedded in Facebook, Embedded in Google Sites.

Ramesh Ramloll



This is same kinda thing we already have. The unity opensim viewer we use can dump back to a unity scene in their editor . Issue is really who cares and who would pay. Of course the DRM is circumvented so then there are a lot of potential areas for abuse . My view is to just use unity and remake from scratch whatever is useful. It will be better result and probably faster. 

Maybe we will just opensource our code.

Wordfromthe Wise

what do you mean by " require a heavy and relatively obscure program (i.e., OpenSim) to install and run, " ???

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Nice if you can run the Unity plugin.

Ehrman Digfoot

It's insane the lengths people will go to just to avoid some basic 3D modeling.

pixels sideways

And it's only $2000 (which I assume is not in some form of Open Sim currency) to convert your $10 USD/month "open sim island" and prim creations into another format! And that's the base price starting point. $2K. Seriously? Who is this for?

And I'm going to venture a guess this is only for mesh forms and textures of your prim creations so if you have an island full of scripted objects, the scripts won't port but as noted, they do provide additional services for additinal $$$.


From Tipodean Technologies site:

"Our Conversion service.

Our conversion service starts at $2,000; a basic conversion can be completed within a week. This price includes hosting a single player and simple multiplayer version of your converted builds for a 6-month trial period, free!** To see a demonstration of content that we have converted, check out the Demo area.
If you need additional Unity3D development, a larger set of islands, or consulting services in your Unity3D project the conversion service can be bundled with other services.

** The offer is capped at a monthly bandwidth usage of 100 GB a month. To give you an idea of how much usage this is, 100GB should give you approximate10,000 sessions a month without going over the bandwidth usage."

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