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Friday, July 15, 2011


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I find it totally unrealistic. Why would I contact a perfectly unknown avatar just because of our common interests? I usually offer friendship after two or three amusing and long talk together. Hmm. On the other hand, I would also decline these kind of contacts from others.

But I admit, I'm not on Facebook either, so my opinion may be an outcast's.

Adeon Writer

It really depends on what you consider your friends list. Some only friend request after they know the person well. I personally friend request quickly - and accept them quickly - and get to know them later. As such, for me it's more of a contact list.

And nothing's saying you need to friend request these strangers: Could always strike up a conversation about it. :)

White Lebed

I also treat it as a contact list. Almost every day someone sends me a request - usually I don't even know who are those people, but I accept anyway. If they send it they probably need to have me on their lists for some reason (or as I realize now they could get my name from LL).
I never counted the names, probably in thousands by now.
Some of them are very valuable contacts, people I deeply respect and admire, but they are not what I call "friends". That list would be super short - five names, at most.

Pussycat Catnap

I commented about 'exploring' as well on the forums last night.

Overall I think this is potentially one of the best moves ever made by LLs for bringing people together. But it needs refinement.

First, Interests need to be matchable for similar entries. On the forums and in the feedback poll I noted that it won't know that 'Reggae' and 'Reggae Lover' are related... but it should.

Second, once it does that, it need to cut these matches down to only people with 3+ interests in similarity.

Third, it needs to not make a match for any interest that appears on more than 40% of all profiles. "Exploring" is Second Life talk for "Likes long walks on the beach" - something everyone says, most who say it don't actually agree with it, but we all think we have to say it... and the people most likely to actually agree with it claim not to because its said too often.

(Sadly 'Neko' is in the same camp, and that's my community, but yeah... needs to be ignored by all forms of SL search because its so overused it has as much meaning in SL as faceplanting on your spacebar.)

Fourth: The system should focus on making the IM button prominent, not the friend feature. Then again I didn't see a friend button on this email myself. It looked like a profile opener. Got graphics turned off atm or I'd look again.

Fifth: The list should be on our web and viewer (sidebar) dashboards. In the viewer, put it under the button for profiles in the sidebar - a LOT of empty space down there for which this is ideal.

Worked properly this could be a VERY useful feature for making SL more of a community.

Senban Babii

@Pussycat Catnap
"Worked properly this could be a VERY useful feature for making SL more of a community."

Worked badly it could be a disaster too. I hope they think it through properly and not rush in. My concern is that every time I log in I get random friend requests from random people just like on Facebook. If this new system is going to start throwing up friend suggestions, it needs to have some kind of limiter so that people are capped from spamming friend requests.

I wonder how long it will be before someone creates a thingy that automates friend requests in some way.....

Pussycat Catnap

It find it odd that people are worried about 'random friend requests' when all this thing does is open profiles.

Its just making it much easier to find like minded persons.

And opting out is trivial - just blank your interest list.

Senban Babii

@Pussycat Catnap
"And opting out is trivial - just blank your interest list."

Okay, reasonable point I agree but let me add an extra layer here.

Literally less than a minute ago I opened the email account associated with Facebook. I had a handful of FB friend requests and give or take, that's pretty much the situation every morning. Requests from completely random strangers I might add.

FB makes friend suggestions based on a number of criteria I know but if we extend the model being introduced here by Linden Lab (which for the record I am not necessarily saying is a bad thing, just that they need to go forward carefully so as to avoid making the same mistakes that FB does), how long until we get friend suggestions based on shared friends?

Now okay, at the end of the day, a friend suggestion does not force us to actually send a friend request but a lot of people spam friend requests on FB and the idea will be more likely to be encountered here too, usually for nothing more than self-advertising if FB and Twitter are anything to go by. Either that or we'll see a resurgence of the old MySpace approach of racing to get more friends than your circle of RL friends.

But then of course, we might remember the good old MySpace worm. How long until someone works out a way to use this system to create the Second Life worm?

But then as someone already pointed out above, it largely comes down to how you view and use your friends list anyway. For some people it's a marketing list, for some a contacts list, for some an actual friend list. I'm firmly in the latter camp personally but I can respect that other people see it differently.

Orca Flotta

Ommelet writered:

if you click the friend request via the e-mail link, the entire SL viewer launches. Not the most frictionless way to get connected.

And again you prove how much you hate to be in SL. Same as with the story about some simm the other day where you complained about having to log in to research for your info. If it irks you so much to be logged in world to deal with friends from that world - why bother in the first place?

Mitch Kapor, yes he, said it himself once that we have to accept the fact that SL isn't a social platform like facebook is.

That's one of the reasons why I rather love SL so much. SL for me means being logged in world, everything out of the world, like blogs and forae are just more or less useful additions.

Hamlet Au

"If it irks you so much to be logged in world to deal with friends from that world - why bother in the first place?"

Because Second Life is great for dynamic 3D content, but not great at activities which are better handled on the web, as opposed to a heavy client. This why Linden Lab is off-loading so much social activity to the website. As a Linden told me at a party (roughly quoting), "Our goal is to put as much SL content on the web as possible, so you can launch the client only when you're totally ready to commit."

foneco zuzu

Trully, if one needs to avoid connecting into Sl then better stop speaking of it!
And waht scares Me, is not your thoughs, but the Linden Lab actually thins as you, why bother to connect?


I hope the friend suggestions will be an optional feature, if anything, and that you'll only be able to find people who want to be found!

Personally.. I prefer keeping my circle of "friends" in SL small, because my time on there is limited and I'm not in the mood for a million IM's about random crap the second I log on or when I'm busy with other things.

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