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Thursday, July 07, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

LL has our extensive investments in inventory as a hostage. They are not going to drop prices. You pay or lose it all. Or drop to free/basic status which many are beginning to do. Can't go on forever without new people adding money to the scheme.

Daniel Voyager

There's been alot of sad SL closures this year so far. The higher prices are drawing folks away from the grid and into new Opensim grids etc. :(


Robert Graf

The chickens are coming home to roost for LL... Despite warnings from their most active residents that tier fees were priced way too high for around 5 years now, the Lindens arrogantly dismissed such concerns with the attitude - Love It or Leave It.... Well, thousands upon thousands of former land owners are taking them up on it... And leaving... For those that choose to do so... Welcome to Opensim!! I run 8 regions in OSGrid absolutely free - no tier... And have had way more fun there for the last 2 years than I ever had in SL. How do those roosting chickens taste LL? LMAO!!! ; )_~~~

foneco zuzu

Well the ones who stay are the ones who can afford it.
To bad for the rest!

Samlowry hawks

The dream seems to have long lived... As part of the lost gardens adventure, i still continue to dream: I ve lost my home with the missing of the sim of my dear Dane, many reasons for this, essentially money ones... It's a pity for a world originaly made for dreaming and escape from reality catched back by it.... I will surely however continue what Dane gave me all these years long being next to him: kindness, creation, respect and child soul... For all that, Dane, i will work harder to make you proud of me, the advice that was always the most important for me when i made my little things called machinimas...
Love you Dane, and don't care Flix, Sean, Joy and me will never be far from you...


Right now there are 116 people online in OS Grid and 52,000+ in Second Life. I run a OS Grid region and I have invested thousands in SL and even though they hold my purchased inventory and I have ported my builds to OS Grid, its a heck of lot more fun to be on grid where there are thousands and you might see someone else than it is to be on a grid with 116 people of which 90% of them own their own region and aren't moving around.

Candy Fayray

Huhuuuuu :)

If anyone would help me with the Tier. Then I would get a sim again for Apollo or take it over so the place would be still open.
If someone can effort this then pls call me inworld


Stone Semyorka

Tier is a luxury that I am forced to reconsider every single month when the LL billing notice email arrives. Many times over the past two years I have thought of just bagging it all, but I have felt as Dane says he did about that special place in the heart. So I keep slogging on. I wish LL would show some really big actions rather than just putting out more vague mysterious rumors about big things to come. If you think back on it, we've heard such promises for years from all of the various LL leaders. Rod and company should be transparent and let us in on the big plans so we can help with the PR and marketing.

samlowry hawks

in a film i ve heard: He was a silent guardian angel, a vigilant protector, a dark knight.... i tried to be as my real name is knight "chevalier".. Now i have nothing to take care of... and i am not anymore the knight of nothing so where is the dream when we lost it.. I am lost after all these years, i am like a knight without castle to defend..


Great idea for a sim death watch. I wonder if you could expand on this so that sim owners who are closing their sims (or even stores closing doors for good - and there's a lot of them), could have a place to announce the news and perhaps reasons for doing so?

I have read on other blogs that Nukunono Estates have also closed recently, and that ICON will be disappearing soon.

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