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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Adeon Writer

Are you sure you were using the right viewer, Hamlet? It seems that if you look at a mesh on a viewer that can't see mesh, you'll see them as spheres. (Your image)

Or they could just be not loaded due to some error, I suppose.

Robert Kohut

I thought the same thing at first too, Adeon. I had accidentally downloaded the development viewer(2.8.3) instead of the project viewer that Hamlet linked to. I think my eyes just went straight for the nearest download link from the bottom of my screen.

Oh well, re-downloaded the correct viewer and all is good.


The most important thing for most SL users to learn is that prim cost is not constant with mesh. Once imported, it can vary in a very complex fashion with size, linking to other objects, and even adding scripts.

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