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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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Missy Restless

To summarize: buy a good system, use a good windlight setting, and crop your photos.

Ziki Questi

As Missy says, yes, a good windlight setting. We actually can't see that in Gogo's pic (it shows a minimized Advanced Sky window), but that choice makes just as much of a difference as the settings that are visible. (And her pics are stunning, really excellent.)

foneco zuzu

I love phoenix 1, Using Nam Optimal skin 1 or 2.
Aand to be sure the 260gtx is still an amzing vga even if now i use a 580gtx

Ann Otoole InSL

Just publish a GoGo lollipop. Then everyone can lick GoGo.

d turner

yeah the 260 and 580 aren't that much of a big deal visually at all for SL. Maybe for some high end games and dx11/shader tech and fps is marginally better but in a game like SL it's not much of a difference. Our tests (game studio out of TX) found just upping memory improves SL over any video card changes.

Hanna Handle

@ Dellirium...I think that was the point which you missed completely. Her photos are beautiful WITHOUT being overly Photoshopped and processed. Maybe next time you should read before making stupid comments.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

@d turner: I'd dearly love to hear more about your test results, and the graphics settings that you used when trying SL. Are they available somewhere?

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