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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Maddy Gynoid

Your link above refers to the old demo page with old stuff inside.
"Live" means it is active now by default and the profile link is https://my.secondlife.com/

Senban Babii

Ah that explains it then Maddy, when I follwed that link I ended up on some page with lists of groups I've never even been a member of lol.

Your link seems to work though, thanks :)

Hamlet Au

Thanks Maddy, fixed!

Hamlet Au

Thanks Maddy, fixed!

Nyoko Salome

;0 uhhuh-huh-huh!! ;0 huy, beavis... how many social networks does it take for my brain to loop inward so much it implodes into a social-networking black hole? ;0

and how many of them will ban me for not being 'real enough?' ;0

Canoro Philipp

Social networks must have some kind of utility to people, that's why Facebook is the most visited website in the world.

It will be useful for many users.

Ann Otoole InSL

I'm going to be rich! I'll invent the AntiSocial Network! (oh wait nm. That is called the internet)

Rockridge Constantine

I am enjoying it initially and can see lots of potential for more things to come from this. How about taking this another step by allowing the Group owners to manage their own groups and send out notices in-world from outside of SL? Oh and take that further with the ability to actually calender those notes to broadcast and hit members at a certain time. Yep my head is spinning with ideas. Let's see what happens.

Inset social network name here

to summarize: LL fulfills one of Hamlet's key demands: to make SL compatible with social networks. And Hamlet makes fun of it ...
And at the same time LL doesn't utilize the possibilities of web-based profiles within SL ... did they ever think about why plurk is so successful in the SL community?
a) i see a friend online in SL on my account-webpage ... i have to type the name into search to find their profile ... make a direct link, guys
b) where the hell is the option to now start chatting with this friend, other than logging in ...
this option has to come very fast now, else the whole point of having a web-based 'social network' is absurd for SL.
They HAVE to connect the web-page now to 'inworld' beyond the ability to change my friends permissions ... and make it an 'interactive' tool

Beasil Roundfield

Canoro: Facebook is definitely one of the most visited sites, but Google is actually consistently THE most visited site on the web. That's why Google+ became such an absurdly huge hit in such a short time.

Rusalka Writer

I haven't figured out why Facebook is supposed to be fabulous, and now this? Epic. My avatar can be bored of her friends' virtual lunch reports.

Timo Gufler

Yet another new feature... *sighs* But when will LL fix the region crossing problems that really have annoyed us for years?

foneco zuzu

And not only sim crossing, but griefers, spammers and all the bullshit we have to deal with, the ones that really use Second Life!

Ajax Manatiso

If I wanted to social network I wouldn't be logging into SL. I am on SL because I want the cellphone-glued-to-ear and twittertwats and Social Netards to stay away while I enjoy some peace and quiet in my garden

Canoro Philipp

got it Beasil, my mistake, only realized after posting,
youre right, Google is No. 1 and Facebook is No. 2

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Ajax makes a clever and insightful point: I too used to to log into SL to be away from other folks. Before the sim-crossing became toxic, I'd cruise the Linden roads in a fake car.

Now I just don't log on at all, except for my weekly educator meeting.

For my fellow grumps, I just checked: Curmudgeon.com is taken and antisocialnetwork.com has been snagged by one of those ad-portal crapfests.

Well, I'll just go for a walk, and I won't be a scurrying and oblivious texttard with my thumbs checking what my hive of "friends" has to say as I walk in front of a steam-roller.

Actually, I've been cell-phone free since April and I am loving it. Curmudgeons of the world, unite! Follow me, back into the past and the blessed silence! You have nothing to lose but your outrageous bill from a telecom monopoly!

Shug Maitland

I agree with Ajax. I do not do social networking; the security aspects of Facebook, Twitter and the like are a worry. In SL I choose my friends and who I associate with, when and how based on my own personal standards. The last thing I need is other people posting to my profile (griefers, busy bodies,etc.).
It is important for many reasons that I have a publicly (SL only) accessible profile since I have business interests in SL. I do not want that in any way crossing over to RL!!

Henri Beauchamp

I can only agree with Ajax & Co !

I, for one, turned off the invasive "feed" stuff and find it odd (and a violation of my privacy) that such a feature is enabled by default: it should be opt-in only !

Stay off my profile, Linden Lab !!! >:-(

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