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Friday, July 29, 2011


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Adeon Writer

I've been using my own custom camera angle that is based on these same exact concepts, so I can say I absolutely agree with the points made in the article. It works! It makes SL far more enjoyable.

Domchi Underwood

You don't have to do that through debug settings; at one point I made a HUD which automates a process. It emulates mouselook view by placing camera slightly in front of your head, but you can adjust it to the position behind your back if you wish. And you can switch it on and off with a single click.

(Disclaimer: blatant promotion of my own product. But maybe someone finds it useful.)

Doreen Garrigus

I have tweaked these settings even further down for Tinies. =) It's much better in little spaces, but I see a lot of knees.

Imnotgoing Sideways

@Domichi - Going at it via debug settings allows the pre-existing focus shift when our backs are against objects. While a HUD is nice, I use one once in a while, changing the client default is still a wise move. (^_^)

I've changed these settings back when I heard of it and I almost can't stand the old default camera angle. DX

Domchi Underwood

Imnotgoing, you are correct, when you have a wall behind your back, scripted camera doesn't shift. But that's a problem only when your viewpoint is behind you; when it's in front of you, that can't happen. I like my viewpoint to emulate mouselook. Mouselook view is a great idea, but people don't realize how natural it is since it captures mouse movement and eliminates the interface, which basically renders it useless for most of SL activities.

We are all used to SL default camera settings and the out-of-body experience it gives us, but there is really no reason to look at your back all the time. Now that I think about it, maybe if we didn't look at our own avatars all the time fashion wouldn't be such an important aspect of SL... :)

foneco zuzu

Well I use mouselock all the time, to make love, to make love, to make love1

foneco zuzu

But i guess this topic is not about sex, and not also in how to make a free matter of choice, the choice of changing the camera and the way you see Second Life, mandatory!
I dare to say most of the posts on this blog had a agenda behind, 1st the zealous critics about Sl avatars Height and now the camera angle any should use and the remarks how if we use mouselock more we would not look so much into fashion!
Well set see avatar in mouselock and join a poseball and feel!

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