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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Arcadia Codesmith

"Annoy your gamer friends by informing them that Second Life is more popular than Left 4 Dead 2."

Why would I want to annoy my gamer friends when the best hope for their hobby and ours is to go big, worldy and interoperable?

Second Life could be the best game "lobby" ever created if they wanted. Trying to take share from the MMOs is zero-sum; working with MMO producers to compliment and supplement game content is win-win.

SL provides a social/creative space that most games can't match; dedicated game engines deliver performance that SL never can.

Make love, not war. We could have beautiful babies.

Ann Otoole InSL

GASP! Secondlife is officially a GAME! oh noes!

Deebrane String

@ Ann: So is "first life"... according to my atomic. *chuckles*

Mark C

That would be great in an ideal world, Arcadia, but in the real one it runs up against certain hard business realities. Namely that game companies want to own the "lobby" too. Linden Lab, or anyone else, is about as likely to get a glimpse at Blizzard's user table as the GOP is like to get a glimpse at Obama's fundraising mailing list.

Troy McConaghy

If you rank those ten by Average Minutes Played per Week...

SL 611
LoTRO 540
WoW 519

Valentina Kendal

yeah, what Troy said - SL is number one in minutes played? And the *average* user spends 10 hours a week - more than WoW? That amazes me.

foneco zuzu

what amazes me is still thinking of Sl as a game, how naive!


I wonder how their methodology handles alternate clients. Many users prefer clients like Phoenix, and if Nielsen isn't counting those variants as Second Life, it's possible SL should be ranked even higher.


Reading this there's two thoughts that cross my mind.

How many of these games share their players? it would be interesting to see these numbers by unique users. SL not only could be the greatest gaming lobby ever, but in a lot of cases already is. Look at the I don't know how many game groups there already are in SL for fans of these and other games. I'm certain there are daily meetups organised in SL to go play Left 4 Dead or any of the others in this list.

Second thought... If SL is among the top ten most played games... what's all this talk about a name change and rebranding? Doesn't seem like it has to.
I hear the words "SL is dead/dying" thrown around a lot. But if I look around (granted, I dont get out much aside from the handful of places I visit) there is still quite some

I do also hear of a lot of tried-and-failed new places by residents. Maybe that's the problem; for example clubs. There are new ones opened and closed everyday. That's not because there's too small a crowd, but too many clubs, and with their cost (land and music server costs) and no real way to advertise or lack of innovative ideas to keep any visitors they attract they tend to fail pretty quickly.

That, and the idea that still exists that SL business can be profitable for everyone. But unless you have a really good idea and manage to keep it fresh and ahead of the competition, or you can pump enough RL cash into it initially to get into the land business which is not that profitable with just a single sim or two, it's really hard to make a buck.

And that is kind of what people expect when they open a new business. And when it fails, its easy to say "no-one comes because there is no-one". easier then "No-one comes because I failed"

I don't have the idea SL is doing that badly, and above's top ten says the same to me.

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