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Thursday, July 14, 2011


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Missy Restless

Your link goes to turntable.com which is just a site that sells USB turntables. Did you mean to link to turntable.fm instead ?

Btw, I tried an ION USB turntable and they suck. If you want to rip vinyl then getting an old cheap preamp and a good turntable is way better.

Hamlet Au

Hahaha ack, thanks for the heads-up, fixed the link.

Senban Babii

"You get points based on whether your audience likes the music you're playing, and those points will unlock new virtual content, like upgraded avatars."

Hmm, so in an attempt to gain popularity, rather than play music we like ourselves, we'll now be pressured into playing music that other people will like, making popularity and social acceptance more important than actually playing the music we want to play.

I've just been listening to Marilyn Manson and I really don't care whether some random avatars think it's "Lame" or "Awesome".

Veeyawn Spoonhamer

I think that a site like turntable.fm will get the greater public more comfortable with the concept of virtual worlds. It's so easy to get started in turntable and people start connecting/identifying with their avatar even it only bounces its head back and forth.

foneco zuzu

It looks really like a lot can waist their free time on other then Second Life!

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