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Thursday, August 18, 2011


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Scarp Godenot

Glyph is really cutting edge on the virtual art scene. He has been linking up real world data with SL sculptural projects for a couple of years now.

The other part of that exhibition where the sculptural trees are linked to the fluctuations of the worlds rivers causing everchanging sounds is very worth spending time listening too.

I second Hamlet's raving about this. Check it out!


I wonder if something like this could be adapted to manipulate an avatar mesh live or semi-live? I guess that's the obvious "Max Headroom" question, huh?

Connie Sec

Reminds me of the effect in the Nine Inch Nails vid for "Only"
I was only looking at a vid of a presentation at siggraph showing Realtime Performance-Based Facial Animation the other day.
Another person had already hacked the Kinect to do this.
It would be great to see this brought inro SL facial animation. A boon for machineanima makers

Robustus Hax

Minecraft version of the same thing, only not restricted by prims :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2mCDkqXki0



Just went there made a video to of the in your head experience. kinda cool to if it worked.


Nice! Snow Crash, here we come!

Glyph Graves

Thanks Hamlet nice post and thanks for the comment Scarp!.
Id also like to thank Amase Levasseur, Chestnut Rau and Zachh Cale for providing the Art Screamer sim for the installation. Also Desdamoa

Just few points

Stroker:- Im not familiar with the viewer code but it has occurred to me using the kinect to mesh with the appearance code to produce a static look alike in the avatar may not be too hard. Updating to real time changes is I would think a different story but something that should be looked into.

Connie:- Those are all nice pieces of work and I would also add Nicolas Burrus's work with Libfreenect drivers but they are also made to work on a local computer. Im not sure if your familiar with the Second life environment but there are significant limitations with passing data to this environment and, well, the computing power you have access to to is the equivalent of a Commadore 64 not to mention display restrictions. The examples you gave while great are not really comparable.

Robustus:- yeah the minecraft thing is cool Hamlet showed that to me a week ago but as you say they don't have to deal with 2500 prims. Personally I think from a technical point of view the hardest part was to get that many prims to work smoothly together while using the media texture for only for those prims that are use in the face (youtube is streamed through them, there's a bug in the V2 and Firestorm viewers so it only works properly with phoenix and I think Imprudence ) . As an aside had fun the other night turning the neighbours cat into ceiling cat ;)

Jjccc:- Its a performance piece ..I have to be online (sitting behind my desk) and running it. Ill be doing a few this weekend if you want to see it in action. Just IM in world or add Art Nation group


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