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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


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Argus Collingwood

She is in our thoughts and prayers. Hubby had a brain tumor operation in October of 2009 for a huge benign brain tumor and still needs more work done so I totally understand what a scary and stressful time this is for Beth, her family and friends. Time to shop for me. My any little bit help ease the worries in this troubled time for Beth. <3 <3

Ann Otoole InSL

I'm happy to send the proceeds of 100% my sales for the next 3 days directly to Beth Odets. I don't make much but it might be a little help.

If everyone did then it might matter.

Maggie Darwin (@MaggieL)

Also see http://bethsbrain.com


Correction please: The Shop for Beth blog is by Dirk McKeenan http://dirkisms.blogspot.com/2011/08/shop-for-beth.html

jas faulkner

I'm doing what I can to spread the word. Keeping Beth and her loved ones in my thoughts.

Sarah Gerolds


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