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Thursday, August 18, 2011


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Hitomi Tiponi

That is actually quite neat. I could see this being fun as an iPod/Android app, but am not sure if it would seem that great on a laptop.


the video sums up pretty well the problem of blue mars and sl: ok, I am here, and what am I gonna do now? ... and jumping on a car gets boring too after 2 minutes ...

Seymore Steamweaver

uglies app icon ever.

Really freaking cool concept though. Cooler than walking around some imperfect paris sim in SL.

Stone Semyorka

Clever idea for integrating RL into the scene. Looks nice and works smoothly. But where are the avatar movement control instructions in detail?

Eddi Haskell

At first try, I actually thought this application was a bit gimmicky. But it has great potential. I took a walking tour around Brisbane Australia yesterday, a place I want to visit -- I could have navigated this directly on Google Earth, but somehow, watching my avatar move made this much more realistic. It also has cool social networking potential, somehow being on site in a realistic environment makes the socialization richer.

I am jumping ahead about 30 years now -- thinking about having a real life me as an avatar, or more likely, an idealized version of myself walking about a real time city scene, perhaps interacting with real world residents of the city for social or business purposes, in a holographic environment, and pressing virtual reality to its next dimension. Although this Blue Mars Client technology might appear gimmicky now, at some point in the future, it will seem remarkably prescient.

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