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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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Seymore Steamweaver

I have to DA Accounts. One for my avatar where I have my game related artwork for the games I build in SL. The other is for my serious comic book work that I do on the side. http://seymore-steamweaver.deviantart.com/

Seymore Steamweaver

Don't mind the grammar on that last post. Sorry folks.

Adeon Writer

I have an account since 2006, but I only to comment and favorite. Not an artistic bone in my body. :P

Adeon Writer

And don't worry Seymore, I just realized my grammar was horrible too. :D

Jay Kaufmat

I'm a dA user. There's a lot of amazing artwork on there. Two that I've been following more recently are Tofu93, who makes AMAZING works in a really small timeframe, and Sibsy, who is a professional cartoonist. There IS a lot of talking down of dA when the subject comes up, as a lot of people think of unprofessional kids when they think of the site. Many art universities such as the Art Institute say to stay away from it (or so I've heard).

I'm honestly not entirely sure about the community. I'm almost always in a small clique that doesn't get many outsiders, but there's always drama in any community so there's that to look out for.

The site also has features like a chat, critique for art, comments (like most sites), and an in-browser drawing program that has a lot of features.

Mmm.. I don't know what else to say.

Emperor Norton

Amazing how this social creative thing doesn't require bleeding edge technology and possibly insane bold visionary founders. Then again, DA mostly breaks even so how is it serious?

No money, no gate keepers to fluff the their arbitrarily picked cool kids, so not serious.

Hamlet Au

"DA mostly breaks even"

Do you have a cite for this, Mr. Norton? The blog post I linked to doesn't mention revenue, so I'm definitely curious how they're doing that way.

Jay Kaufmat

Friend of mine made a Tumblr post just now that puts comments related to the quality of deviantArt posts in their place and gives a much better perspective. (I hope that sentence made sense; I'm a bit tired right now.)


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