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Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Alicia Chenaux

"If you can't tell it's mesh, does it really matter if it is mesh?"

Well yes, actually, right now it DOES matter as not everyone is using a mesh enabled viewer. If someone is using Firestorm or Phoenix or Imprudence, they won't be able to see it, and that's a waste of money on their part.

Orca Flotta

Does it mean we sane people (aka Phoenix and Imp users) will see a lot of seemingly nekkid people around on SL soon?

Adeon Writer

"If you can't tell it's mesh, does it really matter if it's mesh" will be true as soon as free mesh-compatible 1.x code is available for any TPV developer that wants to use it. I give it a few weeks.

Chrome Underwood

If you wanna see someone dressed in a real snazzy mesh outfit, read my latest post at chromeneversleepsDOTcom. Can't get any meshier than that.


Love the mesh clothing, hate the shitty v2 viewer to be able to see it tho.

Iris Ophelia

I honestly can't imagine that any serious third party viewer will take long to add mesh support, because it is such a big deal to so many users.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Even the pre-mesh painted-on texture and attachment clothing has a similar problem. If your legs are too long, your glitchpants will extend below your skirt (and nowadays, they're probably no-mod, so you're up the proverbial creek). Textures are made so that they only look right on the precise shape the designer made the clothing for, and are stretched into a blurry mess or shrunken into unintelligibility for the rest of us. I hope that you will also consider voting for and watching VWR-10839, which proposes allowing code to run when you first put on clothing (or put it on after changing your shape) that can do what is needed to adapt it to your shape.

Kota Buck

It matters because while you're not going to be rigging things like handbags to the avatar, "mesh" is vastly superior as far as rendering cost is concerned. I think one of the greatest mesh benefits will be this far more sensible use of polygons.

Tatum Lisle

Thanks for another great piece of demystification, Iris.

I'm very excited about mesh. For one thing, it is apparently re-invigorating some of our best SL designers, Maxwell Graf among them, who seem to love to create for SL but had become frustrated and stalled by the limitations of sculpties relative to other platforms.

I do believe (and certainly hope, for the sake of our SL content designers) that this will be a gradual integration process and I'm far from ready to give up my avatar shape for a fully mesh version just yet, in spite of the obvious inadequacy of the current appearance sliders. (But "Gimme!" those poseable hands)

I'd really urge anyone who wants to enjoy mesh AND maintain their individual choice over body shape/appearance to drop their comments into the Jira relative to rigging options. Though far from an expert, I'm convinced that's important.

Great to see fellow Aussie Siddean, whom I've supported since the earliest days of SLink looking ready and willing to hop on the band wagon. As we say here in Oz "Go, you good thing!"

Keep us posted Iris!

Shai Delacroix

Mesh is just a tool, along with sculpts. It just opened us up to the big scary world of modelling polygons and proper uv texturing. And the end product is still your creativity, whatever tool you chose to get there.

Harper Ganesvoort

It's way too early for me to consider going over to mesh, if for no other reason than the low selection of items available and the bugs that seem to need shaking out of the system. It does occur to me, though, that not even prim-based clothing fits perfectly over all shapes. I'm always finding something that needs tweaking in one direction or another; belts are one of my great bugaboos, and a otherwise beautiful dress I picked up recently from a reputable house had a prim skirt that kept letting my system fanny poke through.

I believe that it's going to take at least 3-6 months for things to shake out before I decide to commit to mesh. Eventually, I suppose, it will become a forced thing as the Grid designers "converts over," but I'm willing to wait a while to let everyone get experience in designing and working with the new possibilities and limitations.


Thanks so much for the great post. I'm so glad for more information on Casual clothing.
I have such a fascination with clothes and love to stay up on the latest fashion trends and newest clothes on the market.


Nalates Urriah

We know that LL plans to add more tweaks and features to mesh. Yesterday Oskar Linden said a Phase II with fixes and updates is in the works. He was not clear on whether we'll have it on the grid by end of September or it will just be in the release channels or just the ADITI Preview Grid.

But, more changes are coming.

I personally don't care if a jacket is made from mesh or sculpty, if it looks good.


If users of out-of-date viewers can't see my clothing then that's their problem for being such luddites. What matters is that *I* can see how cool I look. There's also a cool pair of platform boots where the boots bend naturally instead of the wierd ankle bending you get with sculpty shoes.

The luddites will eventually catch up when mesh makes it into firestorm and they will declare that the new firestorm version is way better than 2.0.



I agree with you. For some kind of mesh-object which takes no advantage of new mesh rigging feature, its quality still depends on creators' craf. After all, every detailed sculpty prim was actually born as 3d mesh in the first place before having been converted into 2d sculpty maps.

Anyway I have an optmistic view of mesh. Mesh is welcome!

Though one designer's mesh isn't necessarily nicer than another's sculpty prim, all designers are now able to provide us better mesh version of their products.

I think mesh-uploading is a giant step for SL. Mesh means not only to meet 3d-game industry standard, but also a further realistic virtual world of promise.

Mesh also means a more friendly environment for skillful 3D creators, which will definitely attract more of them to enrich inworld environments.

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