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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

I tried plurk. But there was no way to find anything so I never went back. Social networks that are effectively blank are useless. Nice to know they made a big fashionista drama queen clique but nobody else is invited so it does not exist to anyone but those already in it.

Lissa Pinion

I like Plurk altho I'm not as active as some and I've not had the drama (gawd I'm boring I guess lol). For those just starting out, reach out and follow others or request friendship if they look like someone you have something in common with. There can be a great deal of drama but there is much more benefit if you do it right.
For those who hate the drama..don't get sucked in. close the Plurk and let it go by. Drama rarely lasts long unless it's fed

Gracie Kendal

Drama, what drama?? I guess I'm boring too...LOL I am very lucky to have friends in all social networking platforms who, if they have drama, don't drag me into it. I love Plurk, Facebook and Twitter... but I use them all wisely and don't get caught up in that stuff. I am very fortunate to have the amazing friends I do in all platforms. Thanks guys!!

Scarp Godenot

Putting your plurk timeline on private is a horrible idea. This guarantees you to not get many new friends.

When I see an interesting post and go to their timeline to find out if they are interesting in general, and the timeline is private, I just go away and forget about them......

The best of plurk is information and friend groups responding and joking around. The worst of plurk is all the 'good mornings' and emoticon only plurks.... heh

Alicia Chenaux

I love plurk!! I have met some of the most amazing people on there, people I probably would not have gotten to meet in world [because face it. SL is big.] and I just love getting to chat and share with my buddies. Twitter is too dry for me, and I only use Facebook for games. Plurk is where it's at! :)


I had to leave plurk after one month because i couldn't take it anymore. Plurk basically is:

- "I am sad, I need a hug"
- "I don't feel so well today, I need a hug"
- "Eating yumyum cookies" "I want tooooo"
- "hazhaz [insert random kitty pic here]"
- "[insert stupid plurk emoticon here 5 times]" "[as reply insert totally cool 3rd party emoticon here 7 times]"
- "[insert latest flickr upload here]" "[insert usual flickr reply here like beautiful, adorable, great lighting, awesome pic, great work]"
- "I want a cooky" in variation "I want a hug" every 30 minutes
- "who wants a hug?"
- "[insert here another bunch of random emoticons]"
- "[insert random youtube video here and a stupid emoticon]"
- "sleepy, I go to bed" or "just woke up. helllllooooooo alllll"
- "I need more Coffee"

And now all again in endless variations and combinations.


LOL! Annabell is so right. I was on plurk in the beginning before it mainly became what Ann OToole pointed out. I only post the stuff I post on my blog now there as I'm not interested in people who both steal from their employers by sitting on plurk all day and those who revel in the plurk drama.

Cajsa Lilliehook

I don't recommend making plurk private unless you have a stalker. Keeping your plurk public reminds you to think about what you write and to avoid writing anything you would be ashamed to be public.

Franklin Lubitsch

While the inane Plurks are annoying, the good conversations that are possible in the medium make it very worthwhile. As with anything, you have to use it judiciously, and that includes choosing who you interact with wisely. But, once that's done, Plurk becomes the best use of social media around, because of its unique format. Conversations are so much easier to manage and follow there. I'll take Plurk over the others any day.

'Kota Buck

Cajsa's comment pretty much sums up my philosophy (this is so frequently the case whenever Cajsa comments on something <3) with plurk and any other online forum. I'm very open and forthright (possibly to a fault) but as casual as the plurk atmosphere can seem it's important to never lose sight of the fact that you are putting it in writing, regardless of the lol or (cozy) you appended.

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