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Friday, August 12, 2011


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Maggie Darwin (@MaggieL)

This is some new meaning of the word "beta" with which I am not familiar.

People, if it's mandatory, it's not beta. It may be of poor quality, but it's not beta.


Jay Kaufmat

Finally! Now I get to show off my mesh collection. ;)

Damien Fate



i bet it crashes within 2 minutes

Inara Pey

The 3.0.0 Beta Candidate was released on the 10th August. It moved to "full" Beta (as an alternative download) on the 12th, as reported by Opensource Obscure.

I'm currently running, which is also showing as the current release on the Download page.

*NO* mandatory update is forced on me when launching (tested at 19:00 PST 12 August).

AFAIK, Mesh is still only available across 30% of the main grid (comprising the Le Tigre, Magnum & mesh RC channela), with the BlueSteel RC channel and the rest of the main release channel still to be updated.

While mesh is coming / almost here, methinks this article may just be a tad premature. Perhaps after the mesh announcements have been made at SLCC 2011?


installed it and crashed i bloody told them over and over dont bloody release it yet untill you fix the runtime crashes. so now your going to have a lot of mad people to deal with

Tateru Nino

It's only a mandatory update if you're already running the beta versions.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Wow. Tried it out and saw occlusion problems with clothing, until I went into preferences and went back to Ultra and turned shadows back on. Then everything went to blinding white. Not very useful.

Hitomi Tiponi

Hamlet - this is no different from any other Beta update i.e. the change from Beta Viewer 2.8.1 to 2.8.3. Updates are not 'mandatory' unless you have your 'software updates' preference to make them that way (that is the default but is easily changed) - could you please change your post to reflect this as it implies that people would not be able to use 2.8 beta or, in fact, full release versions when they still can - and may make them reluctant to continue using Viewer 2.

Ann Otoole InSL

The v3 viewer is not crashing in 60 seconds in busy venues. So far. I watched memory use and it is significantly lower than before and memory use stops rising after a while which is a very good sign of significant improvements. The old old viewers would keep using more memory until it hit around 1.5gb and then the viewer would crash like clockwork.

Hopefully the "UI freezes wen you touch the side bar" fix will go in very soon.

If you are one of the people that usually uses beta viewers then you should be trying this one because using a 2.x beta is not providing LL the data they need for 3.x viewer performance analysis.

As for version number soup? Firefox is already discussing version 8 features soon to come out while everyone is on v5. Who cares about version numbers? Care about the defects instead. More beta testers there are the more defects found and squashed.

Adeon Writer

Good to know Mesh is forced (it would flop if people couldn't see it), but 3.0.1 contains awful inventory freezing.

Ciaran Laval

There's a boost for prims too as part of this mesh project, we can now create 64 x 64 prims! So those who find mesh a pain to create (and it is, but there's heaps of potential for the patient) will have something new they can play with too.


Hamlet - you need to update this story to fix the bit about "mandatory". viewer 3 is not mandatory - everyone is still allowed to use viewer 2.


I have phonenix latest, running on beta mesh homestead and doing great with the 64x64x64 new prim measures.

Hamlet Au

Done, qarl, thanks!

Hitomi Tiponi

Hey - why don't you trust the rest of us when we tell you about it. :)

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