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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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Breathtaking! I couldn't stop watching it!





These are 3 other links to the snow crash machinima competition that i no of, I wouldn't want to think that this blog is being biased by only reporting on one of the competitors in this competition or maybe it is, i think Spiral Silverstar has produced a great video but everyone else also deserves a fair crack of the whip to


That lovely lady who provided all the audio is a secondlifer too. ;)

Tom Boellstorff

Thanks for the shoutout! I had no prior acquaintance with these folks until they did this, and I'm just so flattered that they did it!!!

Spiral Silverstar

To clarify, Zefora, (Ashling Alchemi in Second Life) did the Vocoder reading in the film. She also wrote the original version of the song, Sirens, used in the film. She is an excellent musician in her own right. :-)

Hitomi Tiponi

The UTSA sim is a lovely place to visit - and so inspiring. If you ever feel SL is getting bland take a trip there.

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