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Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Scarp Godenot

I don't know how the economics of cloud streaming second life could work. There is far too much processing involved, isn't there? LL would have to massively increase their servers. How would that be paid for?

Marco Mugnatto

I think the way they did with the Gaikai client was not the best. Probably they where only connecting Gaikai servers and SL servers from distance because there still was lag. What would really make a difference is if streaming and rendering was running on the same datacenter, then you could put dozens of users on the same region each one with a big viewing distance without lag and without having to wait for the vector rendering, like if they where playing on a local network.

Mr. Ed

There is a technical (or rather economical) problem at the user end too. ISPs are increasingly enforcing monthly data caps as well as streaming caps, and that will put a stop to purely cloud based gaming pretty quickly, I would think.

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