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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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jo yardley

I'm more excited about the new BIG prims available NOW everywhere :)

Eli Schlegal

If mesh is going to make my head look like a television... thanks, but no thanks.


Eli -

actually, yes, that's the single biggest drawback to mesh. they will render faster and look better - give artists more control to create professional looking material in SL...

BUT - your head has to look like a television.

Kimberly Winnington (Gianna Borgnine inSL)

qarl <3 LMAO

Melissa Yeuxdoux

It's beautiful work... though I would like to see what a human mesh avatar might look like.


@ Melissa - Visit Tirion Designs on the Marketplace, or this photo:


Hypatia Pickens

wha..... did I miss it??? That was probably the least persuasive teaser I've seen.

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