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Friday, August 19, 2011


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Cajsa Lilliehook

While I do think Plurk is easier for conversation and casual group chatting, I don't think it is more drama-ridden than other social media. I think the amount of drama one sees and possibly even participates depends on the amount of time one spends on a particular social media platform. If you hang out in Twitter for hours a day, there's drama. If you're a Facebook warrior, there's drama. The drama level you see is not based on the platform, but the amount of time one spends on a platform.

Franklin Lubitsch

The Plurk format may enable drama, but more importantly, it does enable conversation in general. Much more so than FB. I thoroughly enjoy the chat/conversation/discussion/give and take that Plurk provides. As I remember, I've even gone a couple rounds with you on Plurk, Hamlet :-)

Social is best served by making conversation easier. I'll take Plurk over the others any day!

Tateru Nino

I've yet to see any self-entitled whining on Plurk.

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