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Thursday, September 01, 2011


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Cajsa Lilliehook

Does this mean I could get a bobble-heah Cajsa?

Taylor Schroeder

Can you export a mesh out of SL? If so, then the printing technology seems feasible. What happens if you have a no-mod shape, can you copy/export that?

Tommy Rampal

Linden Labs need to promote this technology for creators by implementing some sort of feature into the viewers.


Nope, the idea is still bollocks, mesh is just a fancy sculptie and after a while people will use it that way. Still avatars will be made out of multible single objects. The export performance gain is zero to nil, cost will not reduce at all.

General Fabb

@Taylor - the point of the article was that you can now (theoretically) have 3D prints of your SL stuff if created using mesh because the mesh is *already* outside of SL. That's where it's made. No need to export from SL. Of course, you'd have to have access to the Mesh file outside of SL, but that's a different problem.

Myf McMahon

I think the copyright issues regarding whether or not the manufacturers can reproduce clothes, skins and even shapes, which the customer likely has no actual rights to reproduce, might kill this before it starts.

When Blizzard offered to do this with WoW toons a few years ago, it was easy for them to out source because it was their intellectual property that was being reproduced. Second Life avatars however, are a mish mash of ownerships. The only part of Myf for example, that I might reasonably make some kind of copyright claim on, would be the exact combination of numbers that make up her shape. Everything else was designed by someone else.

Rob Danton

The problems with this are unchanged and inherently linked - the legal one of being allowed to copy the combination of different clothes, hair, shoes & body parts that makes up our avatars and the logistical one of being able to pull these out of SL - something that is expressly forbidden in the ToS, so unlikely to be built into the viewer any time soon.

Arcadia Codesmith

If your character is 100% mesh (body, hair, clothes, etc) and you created all of it and have the source files, you could.

At that point, if I were interested I'd try to scrape together some capital, buy a 3D printer, and go into business with it. Depending on which printer you buy, at the current market rate for custom figures you could hit break-even with 30-50 orders.


cost of materials....fail.

Arcadia Codesmith

$1-$5 per unit, for small figures. fail fail.

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