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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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Hitomi Tiponi

You could just as easily argue that as there is no popular, immersive, 3D world on iOS that it is an empty market-place waiting to be tapped.

Adeon Writer

All of this will change when Minecraft hits the iOS.

Arcadia Codesmith

It's difficult to develop an engaging RPG or other VW for a handheld because the screen is so tiny.

People have made good stabs at it, but they're not quite there yet.

Last year's iGlasses spoof is probably the best concept for getting immersive experiences in a portable format. If we got a device that was cheap, lightweight, stylish and wireless, I think we'd see widespread adoption, and a resultant market shift towards better, deeper, more immersive games.

Dizzy Banjo

This point is clearly true.

However I think iOS and its devices offer some amazing possibilities for immersive experiences. I think we need to rethink what we really mean by the word immersive though. It could mean immersing MORE into your real world, or immersing into an augmented version of your real world.. kinda like the world Charles Stross created in Halting State.

We clearly have a long way to go until we get there, but these devices start to open those doors.

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