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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Missy Restless

Awesome! Nice selection of machinima music videos - I'm starting my own Cull channel.

Missy Restless

I realize this is mostly to demonstrate the coolness of Cull but I could not resist adapting your playlist for my media device in SL. The "SLHamlet Cull" playlist is now available on the Second Life Wiki at https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Media_playlists#NHC_Playlists It can easily be adapted to any SL media device that supports playlists (e.g. Icarus and Damani). Now you can play Hamlet's machinima music video Cull channel on your TV in SL :)

Hamlet Au

Haha, very cool, Missy!


Great videos. Here's another one you posted on this blog a few months ago. I loved it and thought it was a shame it wasn't in your list.
As it is a fun music video, which is rare in machinma.

The Wavey Sea - Mark Robinson/Aaron Ishelwood.

MyBrains Gottfried

Hamlet wont add my videos because they are too long.. and my camera movments are too extreme for normal people which may cause u to be sick.. apparently..

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