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Tuesday, September 06, 2011


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I read that 2,500 originally as Lindens. I thought all that work for something like 8 dollars and 50 cents?


Hamlet Au

Thanks, added a USD up in there to make that shit abundantly clear!

jo yardley

We have an Einstein avatar visiting us in 1920s Berlin!
I'll tell him :)


"which owns the rights to Einstein's likeness" ....

i guess it should say: "which claims there is a right to someones likeness, and they want Einstein's"

Fist time ever i hear there is such a "copy right". And when i see all the commercials around the globe using Einstein lookalikes i doubt this University ever tried to claim that right in front of a court.
I just cannot believe a look is copyright protected ... (if disconnected from the name) ... see also fashion, where everyone can copy everything without breaking any copyright if they just leave the protected logo away ...


this "right" btw would also imply that if you create now a slightly cartoonish full-mesh Einstein av (and anything else wont stand a chance if they are smart) and you go in second place, you are not even allowed to sell it (under the name 'Dr Feelgoood') !!!

Nexii Malthus

What the hell.

"Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the rights to Einstein's likeness"?

They can take a stick up their hebrew university ass if they want to make such a fucking claim, they just lost all respect to me.

Hamlet Au

Einstein himself bequeathed those rights to the Hebrew university:


foneco zuzu

Lol, that what i call a good call from AH:)

foneco zuzu

damn fingers, Meant to say a good call from HA and a wise decision from AE, way to advanced in all.

Arcadia Codesmith

It's not different than the release forms any model signs to allow a photographer, movie-maker or videographer to use their image for commercial (or in this case, non-profit) purposes. You have the right to control the usage of your image by third parties.

The field is termed "personality rights" or "rights of publicity", and the coverage and enforcement vary from state to state. I would imagine that Linden Labs would be subject to California's Astaire Act.


From their website:

"Submission: Submit no later than 11:59 PM (2359hrs) Eastern Standard Time, September 9, 2011"

Folk better get crackin'!

Frans Charming

Yea two days is too short.

Dusan Writer

We have extended the contest for a week, Pathfinder and Frans and all - sorry about that, we should have realized that we had turned it into a mad scramble! Web page will be updated shortly with an additional one week of time to create an entry!

Hamlet Au

Cool, what's the exactly deadline then (day and time)?

Dusan Writer

September 16th at 11:59 PM EST is the deadline, extended from September 9th.

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