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Friday, September 02, 2011


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Geo Meek

How about a Coffee & Power in Second Life?

Hamlet Au

You can put SL-related tasks *into* C&P, I've seen some crop up already.


Yay, Free Trade dressed in the Emperor's new clothes.

Heaven forbid anyone gets paid a living wage to beat inflation.

EnCore Mayne

genius! again.

Rusalka Writer

If nothing else, he has managed to create the ugliest website I've seen in several years.

Isadora Fiddlesticks

with the recession, you need every little opportunity to get something on the table...may it be a full time job or something on the side. we should be open to any kind of jobs, big or small just so it can keep us off an unproductive life. nowadays we have to be flexible...websites like this makes it possible, secure and easier.

as i see it, C&P takes off where craigslist or have left off...and yes, this is very promising and significant.

Isadora Fiddlesticks

craigslist or odesk...


Very creative, he can hire a "customer base" from "freelancer.com" then turn around and sell the "buisness" to another tech company with stock that has a value.


"with the recession, you need every little opportunity to get something on the table...may it be a full time job or something on the side. we should be open to any kind of jobs"

This depression is permanent. It makes money for those who managed to climb into the elite.

Slave labor makes them super rich.

Nothing will change until we make change by standing up to them.

What this man is offering all and sundry are pipe dreams. Its a delusion of jobs, our real work, our real blood, sweat and tears for a useless FUNNY MONEY MONOPOLY MONEY. That may or may not be worth real currency (more likely NOT). WAKE UP ALL!


yes, we're all just migrant coffee workers to Senior Rosedale... en la casa.

Daniel Voyager

Great interview. :)

It would be nice to see a region just for Coffee & Power in Second Life for everyone to visit.

Like the LoveMachine region.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

I'm with melponeme_k on this. Bruce Sterling noted, long ago, that in the Regan Era we moved into a New Victorian social order, with vast gaps between the movers and shakers and those they shake (down, generally).

Philip is an optimist, and that's always a delight (I want to believe!) but it's not the whole story. If our downturn in epochal, then we may want to pair Philip's predictions with Peak-Oil and New-Urbanist writer James Howard Kunstler:

"We're leaving behind [our old] kind of economy, with secure salaried plug-in positions provided by giant corporations and governments. We're headed into a world not of 'jobs' but of vocations, trades, crafts, situations, and a lot of casual labor, largely self-guided by those with who possess a functioning internal compass."

Difference? Without enough fossil fuels to run our suburban Consumerama as-is, we'll be living like our grandparents did in 1930 in 2030. We may be connecting to our day-labor in new ways, but I agree with Kunstler's view, not Philip's, that it won't be a utopia.

Coffee and Power? Better name might be "brother, can you spare a dime (for eBaying my junk or doing my laundry)?"

Dizzy Banjo

This is interesting and optimistic. Feels a bit too similar to a micro version of eLance.com and other services for comfort. I'm a bit unclear what C&P's business model is - do they take a cut of transactions?

I like the movement of micro job / payments concepts from SL over RL. However, those concepts were there in RL before they were in SL.. in different forms, I guess this is a particular way of facilitating them.

Saying all that - it looks like Philip and Ryan are doing some creative new product thinking and creating something that really relates to todays market place, considering all the things going on in tech now. Maybe this could be where we look for innovation from the 'ex SL gang'.. ;)

Arcadia Codesmith

I'm amused by the ongoing efforts of neoCalvinists to portray servitude for sustenance as some sort of virtue.

Coffee & Power will work when you can get doctors, lawyers, landlords, grocers, professors and other providers of goods and services to work for coffee bucks... at rates of compensation set by the consumers. That's the missing balance in the Power equation.


I sat through the first few minutes of the interview and the idea sounds something like what is already being done by elance.com, with a few additional bells & whistles.

Hamlet Au

From what I can tell from the Elance.com site, there's actually a lot of significant differences: That one is in great part B2C, doesn't have a virtual currency or gaming system, and is online only. C&P is almost exclusively C2C, and half the tasks are real world. But as Philip acknowledged at the top of the interview, there are other startups working in this space.

Dani Durant

I am a older person; Philip Rosedale,to me, changed how I see myself, and millions of others. Whatever he applies himself to, it will work, for him. And that is the crux of SL. We do it for us. It may be complex, but it is that simple. The rest follows.
Good luck Philip with this new venture:)and ty Hamlet for posting this interview.

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