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Thursday, September 29, 2011


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Hitomi Tiponi

Most people I know do some voluntary work out of a desire to help others, and do not expect payment for it, except in the pleasure you get from helping. Surely the same motives also exist in America?

Hamlet Au

According to the mission description, she used the C$ to cover the costs of the RL food purchases.


Several different game systems have been built to virtually reward & encourage virtuous actions. The pay-it-forward card game Ahoka got a couple M$ in venture funding to build an interesting system, which I tried and enjoyed but gave up on fairly quickly, and they had to close up shop about a month ago. Ultimately, I think that game systems around giving are problematic if they reward "Karma Points" as it tends to build Leaderboard gaming, aka "Holier than thou". It's one of those unintended consequences of a basically good idea. This Karma competition is also what I blame for Plurk being a tiny niche system, even though it has an arguably better interface than twitter.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in an otherwise Commercial skills marketplace, though. Certainly I prefer to patronize businesses who support issues I care about, such as feeding the homeless. Maybe a middle ground will be built. Certainly the C&P points system isn't exclusively based on points for "virtuous" activity, but instead represents how may tasks you completed that are valuable to others - virtuous, commercial, or even seemingly frivolous.


I live down the street and dropped in to Coffee & Power a few weeks ago, just because it isn't clear what their purpose is. (I actually was hoping it was a day workspace)

I'm pretty familiar with Second Life. About 6 years ago, I started a content development business with an architect friend of mine. We did well enough to be in the top .1% of income earners in SL, then or since. To be honest, however, I lost interest and didn't want to continue to compete with that stinky hippy that runs (ran) Electric Sheep Company, and my partner went on to some other Virtual World development gig.

Interesting concept. (Coffee & Power) After talking with a few folks in that place, I now know why people hide out in the Virtual World. :)

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